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good game but i ran out of time with ONE die left on the final boss i am angy,


really nice game! wish it saved at each floor though

hehe floor


great game i like it 

Awesome game

Kultisti gaemmmmmmmmmmmmm

Awesome game, made it up to the final boss and tragically died at the last second, but I had a ton of fun! I really like the risk reward of choosing to keep rolling or to 'pick up' whatever you've got to avoid running out of time.

I'm also obsessed with this game's visual style. It's so tight and focused and the palette is really really nice.

Awesome game I had so much fun playing this. here's the prof 

I loved your idea. Very nice game

BRo, that was poggers

realy good idea

I love the idea, the art and the music. Its really fun to play, i cant wait to see more of this. The only thing i could say is about the timer being too long, like i would love to finish a fight with one second left and feel pressure about it :) 

super cool!!!
i love bouncing the dice

It plays so smooth!

Amazing game! I loved it the enemies design.

This was such an innovative concept that worked so well. Great job! 

This is insane. The mechanics are simple yet surprisingly unique. amazing gameplay hook and would love to see more like it

This was amazing! It felt so focused and concise with a really fun mechanic!

This game looks like urdetale, I loved it 10/10


Best game of this jam!

I absolutely enjoyed this game! The game could become a standalone published one, if it wants - the enjoyability is amazingly crafted with this entry!

Fantastic game!

I can't believe I lost to the final boss timer :( I think adding a checkpoint for each floor would be a nice touch.

(1 edit) (+1)

Actual gameplay.

I loved this game, such an interesting idea :) keep it up !

I really love the dice roll animations, wonderful game experience from the sound design to the minimalistic color pallette, I can play this lots without it hurting my eyes! Great work!

This is so charming and addictive!

Loved this game. It's all going awesome here. The visuals, gameplay, theme, sound. Amazing work

oh this game is absolutely adorable. i love it so much, and it looks really polished too!

This is fluid, intuitive, strategic, stressful, simple !
I like it 

I loved it! It was cute, the different enemies were fun. The music and sound effects fit really well. Great job!

So cool!

This is super good! The art style is simple yet personal, and the gameplay is really fun. I made it to 30 in endless mode, which got super tense with the time speeding up.


You never fail to make awesome stuff that I love. Really, really good

i love it!

Adorable and fun as always, thanks for the game!

Nicely done!

really cute game! :)


deadly cute and fun game !

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