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Nice game!

Really cool concept! Kinda easy, I beat it damageless on my first try. Still cool!!

awesome game, great premise and super fun. kind of hard to play since i don't have a right click button, but over all this is great. i love the visuals too

so cool! I really love the react dynamic of the fighting experience


Pretty good! But losing to the second-last enemy makes me wanna not play again. I need better eyes or something, the swords being at the top and the battlefield at the bottom made it hard to remember how many swords I needed to worry about.

Congrats on being the 5th best Dice game on itch!

kultisti, can you add, uhh palletes? please

i tried



Great gameplay. Kultisti, you are amazing

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Hey Kultisti,

Great job on this cute game, we just reviewed your game in our channel and we'd love to hear your feedback on it! Here's a link to the video:


Need better visuals.


Playing on a trackpad with a two-finger right click is not very fun unfortunately..

If you could add a keyboard option in place of mouse clicks it would be a little more accessible :)

Awesome creative game. Great job.

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Wonderful concept, great execution. Had a blast! Well done!

This is such a good game! The difficulty level is perfect and the art and music is so nice!!

Really nice, simple but fun to play


Another Kultisti masterpiece <3


This is wonderful! There's lots of neat ways it could be expanded, too. You're one of my favorite developers on, and this has reminded me to go through and play the rest of your games again


This is a great concept! Already pretty advanced for being made in 50 hours, I would love to see it get expanded into a full version. Awesome job <3

I shall never live down the fact I died to The Longsword 

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Vitun täydelline peli, pääsit kans GMTK videoo vaik se oliki joku 5s klippi :D

Really cool game <3

Discovered you thanks to Curse Ball, but this game, gosh it is perfect.

One shotted the Normal Mode (a bit easy in my opinion but still incredible) then directly launched an endless run, and died at the 12th encounter because of the timer.

Please consider expanding this game as it was pure joy to play, I can't stop wondering how it would turn out with an Inscryption table-top map style with items and special encounters.

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This was an absolute joy to play! I liked that it was easy to understand but difficult to complete. Each enemy being different also made the normal game feel really interesting to play since you didn't know what was next. I wonder how the dynamic of the game would change if you had a difficulty with limited rerolls which could punish you if you just spammed for the dice you wanted. Overall great game and I hope you have the opportunity to expand it further!                                                                                                                                EDIT: Congrats on 9th place overall!

that final boss was soooo good I nearly stopped breathing when I realized I had 3% of the timer left!

very challenging but so satisfying to play, it's got a lot of juice

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