help the skeleton magician find their
way out of the magical realm!


  ▼ 20 small puzzles to solve ▼


 made in 48 hours <3

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(87 total ratings)
GenrePuzzle, Platformer
Made withGameMaker
Tags2D, Atmospheric, Cute, Fantasy, Magic, Pixel Art, Short, Singleplayer, Skeletons


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It looks like the skeleton is wearing purple thigh highs


another amazing game by the amazing Kultisti!

Another awesome game from Kultisti.

Nice short game not to hard but not too easy 

I really liked this game, because the last two levels were a little challenging at the beginning but then I looked at it differently and solved it. Good soup.

I love it!

I really enjoyed this game! I'm pretty bad and impatient when it comes to puzzles, so I'm glad they weren't too hard XD. Please check out my video: 

Nice little game, interesting puzzle mechanic and good visual polish. Maybe a little on the easy side for my taste.

Skele Magic (Full Game)

I enjoyed it, only I really wish there were a reset button.


You can press esc and the restart will come

This is one of my favorite Kultisti games, definitely the one I felt most comfortable with. I like taking my time with puzzles and doing a bit of trial and error, and Skele Magic seems to welcome this approach.

I felt there were multiple ways to solve each puzzle, which makes for a more relaxed experience in my opinion. It also helps that it's very satisfying to simply move and jump around each level, since, as usual, there's a lot of polish.

I hope you keep making games, Kultisti, they're very pleasing and to play and are also great sources of inspiration. Thank you :)

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I really like this. the dev has gotten better at difficulty escalation in this one rather then it being really easy for half the game before any real challenge shows up, which is a issue I noticed in Kultisti earlier work; though there is still room for improvement in that regard. the music is Kultisti usual charm, nice and peaceful. I also like the name of the levels. they give really cleaver clues to the puzzle, I don't know if that was always the case. I also absolutely love how Kultisti shows that the doors need a bottom with a rather easy puzzle at first glance until you realize that doors need bottoms. that was pure genius and i also like how some puzzle involve purposely falling of the edges. over all i think this one of my favorite games Kultisti has made, though my personal favorite is still Roborazzi just because they really went out of their comfort zone for that one and it paid off. not that there is anything wrong with Kultisti puzzle games, they are like no other.

I love the little wobble when it performs the magic

Very good game.

This game was so much fun. The controls were very simple and easy to learn and the puzzles were a good difficulty. Great Job! 

love it :)

The player's jump animation!!! Is SO satisfying

I love it!

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Great idea. Loved the atmosphere. Very satisfying when you solve a puzzle. My only miner complain is I wish Jump was assigned to different key like left Ctrl, rather than up arrow or W.


Is dropping out of the platformer to reset the player's position a feature or a trick wasn't considered in the design phase?

Great game. Adding a "redo" button to withdraw one input might make the solving-puzzle-experience better.

Awesome concept and great performance.

Nice mechanic, the art is cute and the music so relaxing. I liked it!

the player animation is Super satisfying, i just wish it wasn't as laggy! (i'm playing on safari)


Woooo, as expected, this is lovely!


I just completed all the puzzles and I love the mechanic and chill ambiance. The art is awesome! :]