clean the dangerous line machine
from ancient dust!

✿ unlockable colour palettes ✿

made in 12 hours for lowrezjam 2021

(you can play it offline too!1)


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windows version 2 MB


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very stressful game that gets your blood pumping and going. great work!

It's fun!

love it! animation and control both feel so smooth!

i have a lore question. i assume that the line factory is manufacturing lines, so are the things the janitor is dodging lines? or are they parts of the machinery used to manufacture lines? or am i mistaken entirely and the line factory is using lines to manufacture something else? please get back to me as soon as possible. this question is urgent.

i wonder if this game could run on an actual atari? i love it. it's original yet incredibly simple. we need more games like this in the world

My best was 32! :D

Nice game ! 

i like the game good music nice graphics 

did not expect to be blinded by one of the color pallets though 

Really cool little game! :D My best was 21

A really good game, and the music is AMAZING!

juicy, fun, not something i ve seen before. its great!

love it

This was really cool and I hope we see more in the future like different levels, power ups etc. overall a very cute, simple game

honestly, i think it's perfect. it doesn't need levels or powerups. i think this might legitimately be the perfect game.

simple, cute, cool

Simply very good.

just needs some more juice

This is very fun. I love the tiny little graphic details you have made, and the game is pretty creative too. I wish there was more

(1 edit)

I like the mechanics of game, and I still don't try out this 

see hopefully people play it.