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my record is 19. I'm Zyph from youtube btw

Deleted post

Un juegazo :)

it's absolutely flawless! addictive and very polished. the color pallets are spot on, awesome :D

it's so nice!

This is a great game a very addictive game(best score 32)

I hope this get an android port so I can still play even I don't have my loptop.



really cool and polished

i love this game so much ! so fun , i got 29 max

I got 30! I love this game, I just wish there was some sort of checkpoints or something so I don't have to trudge through the slower stages to get to the fun stuff. Overall really nice game though

Very fun! my best score was 29

I really enjoy this game, very fun to play during class at school. I currently have all the colors unlocked and have a total score of 515. Great game!

This is really well-made! Nice

Kinda gives the same vibes as the other game you made "dont eat my mind you stupid monsters" very cool

more lvls

it's endless

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fun small game. The edges are really helpfull but I would like a little bigger hitbox of the dust :3

this is a banger game its simple and fun. its a really nice concept i really hope you post a update or something 

I really really like this game. Simple yet solid mechanic. Trying to make my version of the concept. How do you ensure the line machine is beatable over time?
Love your works


got 56 after a bit 
pretty epic

very stressful game that gets your blood pumping and going. great work!

It's fun!

love it! animation and control both feel so smooth!


i have a lore question. i assume that the line factory is manufacturing lines, so are the things the janitor is dodging lines? or are they parts of the machinery used to manufacture lines? or am i mistaken entirely and the line factory is using lines to manufacture something else? please get back to me as soon as possible. this question is urgent.

i wonder if this game could run on an actual atari? i love it. it's original yet incredibly simple. we need more games like this in the world

My best was 32! :D

Nice game ! 

i like the game good music nice graphics 

did not expect to be blinded by one of the color pallets though 

Really cool little game! :D My best was 21

A really good game, and the music is AMAZING!

juicy, fun, not something i ve seen before. its great!

love it

This was really cool and I hope we see more in the future like different levels, power ups etc. overall a very cute, simple game

honestly, i think it's perfect. it doesn't need levels or powerups. i think this might legitimately be the perfect game.

simple, cute, cool

Simply very good.

just needs some more juice

This is very fun. I love the tiny little graphic details you have made, and the game is pretty creative too. I wish there was more

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I like the mechanics of game, and I still don't try out this 

see hopefully people play it.

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