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I love this game so much, an amazing mix between puzzle, logic, and adorableness <3


so cute!!!!!!   i love this  :D

Amazing, did not expect to be so many levels! Keep it up!

What a sweet Game!


Excellent game. Cool vibe and very satisfying puzzles. Thank you .

Short sweet and simple game that made me think, loved it !


so wholesome and cute! :D helps my dumbass a little smarter and sane because of it <3


I loved this game soo much!! I left you some coins for your effort. Keep up the good work!

I finally got round to coming back for the B side. Challenging but warm and lovely. Thank you! <3

How do you complete the second one? it's called useless and I just can't seem to beat it

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for some reason I can’t in the level it rotates rotate the part when I press the right mouse button the cursor does not respond and stops in place it is impossible to rotate the part because of this error I did everything up to this point in the browser, now I have to do everything again and again reach this level it will be a minus star at the end


I love how the cat just bounces from tile to tile, its so silly! I love it.

freaking adorable!! <3


Mr. Furmoon: Meow <3 


Ohhhh what a cute kitty! What a cute meow !!!!! nyaaaaaa!!!

The story was good with a small amount of text but very intriguing story and art.

The puzzle part was easy at first, but the second half of SideB was very difficult.

How can a 3x3 or 4x4 puzzle create such depth!

It was very interesting, MEOW!

Clever! I like the animations!

great game

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