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i love it, the mechanics and game feel are amazing

Very good and hard game, im stuck on side B

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Well thought out game pt 1 of 2 videos


In the last level I pressed all the buttons individually then went to the box :D


same, honestly

excited to see this out!! you're one of my favorite developers, love these games

Super cute! interesting puzzle gameplay!

It is simple and cute. But you can see the logic behind these tiny levels, rather than simply trial and error.

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Really cute and fun!!

yessss i ddid it goodnight lil cat eeee such a cute game was really fun!

Cool, clever and cute. As usual.

Thank you for this game, and bravo!

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A mix between Baba is you and Path of Ra. I love it !

jogo incrível, simples, desafiador e divertido, gostei do estilo minimalista da arte, mas ainda sim bem feita.

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cleared A- and B-sides! beautiful game, super super fucking fun to play


Great game as always! 10/10 !!! The animations and design and general gameplay are all a delight! Thank you Kul!

Love the deadpan meow from mr fur moon XD

Great for the game



have played it on here and am now playing it on newgrounds, any hint on the.... secret button, or is that for side b?

so cuutttteee and nice game mechanic

Very excellent puzzle game and challenging as well, sadly as soon I will try to playthrough with the downloadable version, the game crashes at the ending of b-side, it also crashes at the a-side, but happens after the ending and credits, which was the b-side unlocked message, and was forced to play b-side on browser.

But again, as always, visuals are very pretty, game makes you use of brain juice, like any of your puzzle releases, and cute cats meow. Music is soothing.

Overall 8-10/10 game! Will absolutely pet the kitty for guarding a jammed jam. Just I guess only dl version has issues.

thank ya so so much! and sorry that it crashed :<
the issue should be fixed now ✿


Katti Walkthrough


It's neat, but it would be better if clicking before they finished talking just showed all the text. I'm too impatient to wait for all the text to appear, so I ended up clicking through it all, but I did want to read it.

cool game. enjoyed the puzzles and artwork

Este juego es increíble, me encanta la forma de resolver los puzles, es muy entretenido pero bastante desafiante, es un juego que de verdad te pone a pensar, las mecánicas están muy bien logradas y son muy intuitivas y el soundtrack es de lo mejor! Me encanta <3


really clever game and I love the art style so much !! the music is simple but it fits well. thank you for making this !!


Meow =3

This game is so cute and clever. I love it!

It crashed for some reason

The game just went black in the 3rd level ...

there's a visual glitch if you undo while having a movable thing selected

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thank ya!
should be fixed now ✿

Nice :D


I see the cat, I click 5 stars~ Good job, Dev for making this cute game :-D. Mr. Furmoon is cute. Here is my 5 minutes+ gameplay for Katti... Enjoy~

Absolutely amazing! The puzzles are very smartly designed. I really wonder what's your process when creating these levels, especially the final puzzle. I also loved the little bits of story you get as you go on that act as little motivators to complete the game. I love Mr. Furmoon's little icon too.


A and B sides cleared! "Double trouble" and "Changes" got me thinking the longest I believe. Clocked about a total of an hour fifteen :D Lovely work!

I can't beat the final level :( can u show the ending or how to complete the final level?

Not really a hint, but both final levels (sides A and B) can be cleared just by messing around and eventually finding a solution that works - I really didn't form a strategy for them until halfway through goofing about :) You got this!

I used a bit trial and error on the last level, but then I remembered the "keepsake" level. The solution was similar.
Use the platforms you can move+spin to hit the switches on the platforms that are moveable only.
Then put these platforms with the lit buttons "away" to another corner. Then you work your way from up to down and left to right, for example.

Hope this helps : )

very annoyed when pressing esc immediately restarted my game

Katti Gameplay

YOOO this is really cool i loved it so much even though i got stuck on B-side
the puzzles are satisfying and the graphics are cute

the game is simple to understand yet not ridiculously easy. you get the same few concepts (buttons, turning) and just a few chances in the level can make all the difference. really enjoyed it and the story was funny. the joys of jars and cats...

Loved it!

The animation after completing a level is so cute! 😍

A bit clunky on mobile, but still playable! (Screen was cropped and I was not able to progress after right click was needed.)

Excellent as always.

I love this

Another masterpiece! I love how you manage to combine well known puzzles into interesting new mechanics.

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