move around, shift the world
make yourself a new path home


- 20+ tiny puzzles to solve
- many many moving tiles
- and a cat!!

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(291 total ratings)
Made withGameMaker
Tags2D, Atmospheric, Cats, Cute, Fantasy, Mouse only, Pixel Art, Short, Singleplayer, Top-Down
Average sessionA few seconds
AccessibilitySubtitles, Interactive tutorial


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absolutely amazing 

nice job :D

I love this game so much, an amazing mix between puzzle, logic, and adorableness <3


so cute!!!!!!   i love this  :D

Amazing, did not expect to be so many levels! Keep it up!

What a sweet Game!


Excellent game. Cool vibe and very satisfying puzzles. Thank you .

Short sweet and simple game that made me think, loved it !


so wholesome and cute! :D helps my dumbass a little smarter and sane because of it <3


I loved this game soo much!! I left you some coins for your effort. Keep up the good work!

I finally got round to coming back for the B side. Challenging but warm and lovely. Thank you! <3

How do you complete the second one? it's called useless and I just can't seem to beat it

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I'd start by zbivat gur jnyy gb gur obggbz yrsg jurer vg'f bhg bs gur jnl. Then you can hfr gur bgure oybpxf gb trg gb gur rkvg, znxvat fher lbh cnff guebhtu gur fjvgpu na bqq ahzore bs gvzrf.

for some reason I can’t in the level it rotates rotate the part when I press the right mouse button the cursor does not respond and stops in place it is impossible to rotate the part because of this error I did everything up to this point in the browser, now I have to do everything again and again reach this level it will be a minus star at the end


I love how the cat just bounces from tile to tile, its so silly! I love it.

freaking adorable!! <3


Mr. Furmoon: Meow <3 


Ohhhh what a cute kitty! What a cute meow !!!!! nyaaaaaa!!!

The story was good with a small amount of text but very intriguing story and art.

The puzzle part was easy at first, but the second half of SideB was very difficult.

How can a 3x3 or 4x4 puzzle create such depth!

It was very interesting, MEOW!

Clever! I like the animations!

great game

i love it, the mechanics and game feel are amazing

Very good and hard game, im stuck on side B

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Well thought out game pt 1 of 2 videos


In the last level I pressed all the buttons individually then went to the box :D


same, honestly

excited to see this out!! you're one of my favorite developers, love these games

Super cute! interesting puzzle gameplay!

It is simple and cute. But you can see the logic behind these tiny levels, rather than simply trial and error.

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Really cute and fun!!

yessss i ddid it goodnight lil cat eeee such a cute game was really fun!

Cool, clever and cute. As usual.

Thank you for this game, and bravo!

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A mix between Baba is you and Path of Ra. I love it !

jogo incrível, simples, desafiador e divertido, gostei do estilo minimalista da arte, mas ainda sim bem feita.

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cleared A- and B-sides! beautiful game, super super fucking fun to play


Great game as always! 10/10 !!! The animations and design and general gameplay are all a delight! Thank you Kul!

Love the deadpan meow from mr fur moon XD

Great for the game



have played it on here and am now playing it on newgrounds, any hint on the.... secret button, or is that for side b?

so cuutttteee and nice game mechanic

Very excellent puzzle game and challenging as well, sadly as soon I will try to playthrough with the downloadable version, the game crashes at the ending of b-side, it also crashes at the a-side, but happens after the ending and credits, which was the b-side unlocked message, and was forced to play b-side on browser.

But again, as always, visuals are very pretty, game makes you use of brain juice, like any of your puzzle releases, and cute cats meow. Music is soothing.

Overall 8-10/10 game! Will absolutely pet the kitty for guarding a jammed jam. Just I guess only dl version has issues.

thank ya so so much! and sorry that it crashed :<
the issue should be fixed now ✿


Katti Walkthrough

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