life is peaceful underneath the forest trees

until one day
someone or something
starts cutting off creatures' horns

one by one

tok tok tok tok

a mystery adventure across the woods and beyond!

who is really cutting all these horns?
and why?
like really, why would anyone do that??


> multi-chapter mystery adventure!
> tons of arrows to click
> 600+ pictures
> pretty FLOWER!!!

note: i originally planned on continuing this storyline but eh...

format inspired by etherane's mrsis,  go read it!!!

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(14 total ratings)
TagsComedy, Comics, creatures, Fantasy, Mystery, Pixel Art, Twine


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I still believe that this is cute :D

The game isn't starting for me when I click "Run Adventure" :(

Hey, if you want to add autosave, just add this to your Javascript (located in the story tab if you are using the Twine App):

Config.saves.autoload = true;
Config.saves.autosave = true;

what engine is this made in?

twine ^^

Marvelous! I love is so much!

(1 edit)

What a masterpiece!

I get jitters whenever I'm near a clock now

tok tok tok

oh no


Fabulous game!