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I love this game. The little dance the bird does when they reach a door........AS ADORABLE AS CAN BE. I had fun. I feel you could make a sequel or something. 10/10

A fun platformer!

Really enjoyed it.

this game is really well made, glad I could help my little bro find a new home

In total a very nice game! Some levels were quite tricky but not unreasonably hard which was nice. New game mechanics were also simple to figure out when they were introduced which was also very nice. 

I loved it! each level has it own specificity and I never got bored! impressive work.

fun platforming! managed to get 2:18 on 100th attempt lul, though maybe gonna try to get sub 2:15 later (maybe)..

hapy to have paly, bu a litel bit long.

This game is incredible! it's so simple yet so pretty! and it's super intuitive to play! I really like how this is the perfect definition of "less is more" in a video game.

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As promised, I gave the game a shot on PC, and it's awesome!

The levels are easy, but not to easy, and the mechanics are self explanatory. The game doesn't induce anger, as other similar games tend to.

There are some funny details, like Sulka's sprite at the level start xd Overall, impressive work, I'm glad to have saved it for later :D

Will check out later on pc, but the youtube video looks awesome! Nice polishing, especially for 60 hours


Hi I really like this game and I am making my own version of the concept. Love it!


Impressive! ❤️

there is lag D:

this game is great and i really like the animation it's cute

This is a lot of fun!!

very nice Game makes a lot of fun

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Takes a few levels to get into it...but cool game concept! I love it. Whoa! This game is fun! I am really enjoying it!

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Hyvä peli


Nice game

Cute Game

yet another good game

cool game! my first speedrun is 06:00:182 (bad, but its first try)

another banger

It's impressive how nice this game looks and feels with such minimalistic designs. Especially the bounce of the platforms and the small movements of the character feel great :)

Impeccable. Another great little masterpiece. Please keep 'em coming!

Sulka may be simple in appearance, but is still a delightful little platformer with some fun physics. It definitely has that speedrun game feel, and I could even see it with a level creator. Tiny games like this can have so much potential.

Good job, dev.

Very noice :)

Cool game! Nice moving puzzle.

cool game. I love the colour choices

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This is really incredibly done!

I love puzzle games. Great game.

nice game

This was a very fun game. I platforming was very smooth and the puzzles were interesting. Keep up the great work! 


Absolutely love this game.


nice game! :-)



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