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Cool, I'd have liked it to last longer!

Hey, just letting you know that it's possible to land on the edge of tiles with spikes on them. While I can't be 100% sure if it's unintended or not, I can only assume it is.

What a lovely atmosphere! I love it




Cozy's a really good word for this


Rather charming little puzzle platformer! I adore how the anti-gravity mechanics work in this game. I also love the visual direction too. Using a very nice palate, and easily identifiable terrain that doesn't leave any ambiguity for the players. And the controls too! This might seem like a minor thing, but for someone more used console platformers, it was very nice being able to used WASD and the arrow keys simultaneously to play. Again, a very small thing, but being able to use W and D to move, and the up arrow for jump felt very satisfying. Amazing job on this game! 

Also k and j for jump!

and z, x and space too.

This is so cute and cool game

Fun gameplay mechanic. I really liked the simplistic artwork!


Perfect game idea, great level design

Good game!

just perfect/

4:21 so close to the funny number (my best run)




challenge accepted

3:02.424 (current best run)

niceeee, I'll try to race you to a sub 3

I havent been on for quite a while, but I certainly regret it. you are probably one of my favorite indie game devs consistently


Amazing game from kultisti again! Fun mechanics, cute art, satisfying gameplay, it's all just a good and relaxing experience!

awww the game is so sweet :)

too sad there's not a lot of level...

anyway i loved it

Super chill game, awesome ideas really reminds me of VVVVVV, graphics are great, effects are great all in one a pretty good game, i wish it would have lasted longer than 15 minutes :D


really great game! loved it!

very cute game, had a good time with it :)

a very good game that juicy from the animation to the blending to the background of the game, love it!


Found this from youtube on's November's best games. This was fun and a little challenge snack. At some levels I really had to think the puzzle. Art-style is fun and music is relaxing. Impressive work in under 60 hours.

This is insanely cool and fun :D

How envious that you managed to do something so cool in only 60 hours! It's too much fun, good job

Big thumbs up from me 

is this baba is you reference or you're the author?

such a pretty game, i like it


Looved this! Tight controls, fantastic mechanic pacing, just hard enough to die here and there but only enough to laugh at a mistake and realize the proper pathing not long after, music slaps, art slaps. Really just a masterclass in small browser platformers. Also letting the player know when they're at the half way point is huuuge, really made me want to finish it being pretty sure I could with the pacing of the first half. You and your game friggin rock :).  


dude that was amazing, I love it

I loved this game its sooo cute! I wish there was more but the game feels complete anyways :))

beautiful loved everuthing about it mechanics, sfx, music, animations, particles just beautiful

This was a fun little game, the music was nice and calming, and the puzzles brought on a bit of a challenge. Good job on the game! 

thx nice game

 The game is really appeasing to the eyes, very simplistic even to Sulka's little green scarf :)

Good game.

This game is great! I love how polished it feels, but something kept happening where I would land on a tile right beside a spike and get stuck and have to start over :/

This is a great little game. The look, the sound, the music, the challenges. Perfection in simplicity. Well done.

Your game is really clean, from A to Z, congrats !

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