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Enter the Sea of Bells

Once a year they send one sailor to search for the mighty old bells

And this time it was you!


But the sea is so dangerous, full of monsters and darkness!

Fear not! One simple perma-death wont ruin your day!


Find the bells, hit them and summon the SPACEWITCH to help you out

No one really knows what kind of a creature this SPACEWITCH is and why she is still here…


How many days can you survive?


Move with WASD- or Arrow-keys, shoot with left mouse-button!

SPACEWITCH can’t shoot, but you can still control her!



While playing as the 2d-ship, try to dodge enemies and shoot every flying bell you can find!


While playing as the 3d-ship, first try to go as far as you can until you find the mighty old bell, hit it and then come back!


While playing as the SPACEWITCH, try to dodge as many SPACES as you can before the darkness reaches you!

How many days can you survive…

…before you run out of space…

…in the SEA OF BELLS ?

(Game was done using GMS2, bfxr, Audacity and FlStudio12)


SeaOfBells.zip 27 MB

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