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It is a challenging game. I don't know how I manage to complete it 

hows your username pronounced?

Incredibly effective gameplay. I love the mood and the bold enemies per level.

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it good

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What did you use to create this?


Too hard... I LOVE IT!

NOT FAIR WATCH OUT TOO HARD [please excuse my little baby ragequitter crybaby mind when it comes to games. i am a minor and I whine too much. ]

a minor? did you find any diamonds? I hope you don't get black lung! 😆😨😱

Super fun and clean design, congrats!


super fun to play! such a fun concept :

I loved the sulka reference! I was so excited to see that bird again!


I like the Sulka reference.


There needs to be a Kultista art exhibit in which loads of arcade machines host all of the brilliant Kultista games. Seems like the right environment

Cool game! Intriguing mechanics.

Creative game!

such a cute game!


Love, that this game introduces so familiar yet different concepts into a one game with multiple difficulties as you progress on.

you are so good at this.

What a great concept! Easy to learn, hard to master, and great mechanics overall. I'd love to see a full release of this, maybe on  mobile? Love what you're doing and keep up the good work.

Is there a continuous lore throughout the games i need to be keeping up on? also very cool game, only complaint was that clockworks seemed a bit unfair

Insane game, congrats!

Hii, I've made a video about the game and wanted to share some feedback about it, hopefully it is useful to you ^^ 

-The main idea of the game is quite original and it "evolves" through the levels quite well.

-The main gameplay mechanics are really simple, but what makes the gameplay interesting is the rest of mechanics that you have used around the main ones in order to make the most of them.

-Visually the game looks amazing and the colours chosen for each level are well thought as they make the experience really enjoyable and solid.

Hopefully this is useful to you :D, also if you could subscribe that would help me a lot :)



Great Game! I really enjoyed it


Amazing! Each level feels like a different mini-game inside the game. I especially like the "What is That?" level that brought an interesting twist to the gameplay loop.

I wished the game had keyboard controls for restarting / selecting levels, but that is admittedly a nitpick.

I'm always impressed on how Kultisti can take a simple core mechanic and masterfully explore it without overshawoding it with new features or mechanics. They're my favorite dev / designer and their work inspired me to create my own stuff and to try and find my own voice / aesthetic in my own pieces.

Thank you for another awesome game, Kultisti, please keep making them <3

Fantastic! 😍❤️

Amazing idea! I love it <3
I would like to see this type of mechanics in a puzzle game, mabye can be interesting.

love your aesthetic!!

love it as  always

don't know why the mic was so quiet this time
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overall my favorite Kultsti game. the only flaw i have is that "clockworks of reality" is borderline impossible, because the two blocker lines and one blocker lines will be in the circle at the same time near the end meaning you will be hit. seriously. every world took me one try, while "Clockworks of reality" took me 7, i counted. its fine until the end where its luck based of weather you're going to die or not.


This reminds me a lot of duet (its a game on android)


I did not find this as relaxing as most of your games, but still rather lovely. Thank you.

Nice one )))

absolutely insane

I like everything about this game, simply perfect.

IMO clockworks of reality are the hardest, but the worms and birds are the craziest.


quite a lovely game, simple and very enjoyable

i now have a burning hatred for tetris, thank you

Awesome arcade game with a lot of variety. Really amazing work here on how far you took this simple mechanic

Very fun game. The final stage felt surprisingly short but I guess it also being the bonus endless level evens it out. Good job.


ah really impressed how you keep such simple concepts so fun! loved the crossover stuff, snakes took a hot minute :>


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