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You’re flying through an unknown area on an important mission to gather information about a hostile alien race.

Their relationship with time and space appears to be something never encountered before.

You detect the anomaly by the time it’s too late.

The spacetime around you warps and shifts.

You notice that you’re not really moving forward or backwards but rather that time and space have become entangled and somehow cyclical.

There is only this moment and at this very moment you notice the enemy ships closing in.

game was made for ludum dare 47

code; art; - kultisti

audio; art; - sulo


windooows versiooon 21 MB
mac versiooon [ use itch.io - app ] 23 MB


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this is fo real so fun. ive been trying to beat my highscore for like an hour now lmao


hehe ^^ thank youu <3


Really fun, my fingers hurt now.


yeah, we're propably goin' to change the shootin' mechanics to some kind of an automatic one post-jam ^^


Could have used some more ska and underpants jokes, but otherwise an accurate recreation of the show.