help nullcat escape the puzzling nullworld!

game was made in 24 hours for asm game jam 20

by : kultisti & echo


windows version 6 MB
mac version [use the - app] 8 MB


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A really nice, cute and simple puzzle with an interesting main mechaniс and calm enjoyable music. It would be cool if the idea was expanded and there would be different types of blocks, like blocks with trampolines or moving blocks or even rotating blocks.

ooh that sounds real cool!

perhaps i'll take this a bit further some day... who knows ^^


Loved it, the game is super neat and pro, the animations feel good and are fun, I liked the graphic style as well, with the level that looks like it's moving!

The mechanic is clever and well used in the puzzles, nice job, you can be proud! It starts quick, has nice transitions and no loading times!

I'd just say that the fact that escape quits the game without question is very frustrating, it's a common key to trigger pause or try to cancel an action (like what I did at the last level to cancel the fact I picked up a block, it quit the game...)

thank you for the feedback and sorry to hear that!

i'll change the esc-button functionality on next ver <3

You're welcome!


Very cool game. Clever puzzles, nice music, unique artstyle, adequate controls.


Took me some time to see what was going on with the cubes. Plus I tried a death\teleport jump on cube strategy that worked in the end of the levels but not where I first tried it. Mkek meow!