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I'm not a programmer, but I think that the files shouldn't try to kill the cursor🤔


Super creative and awesome game to enjoy and get lost into <3 loved it! Hope it reaches even more players, great job!


i really like the concept of this game. even more so since it was executed perfectly. nice :) 


Lot of fun, made it to the i drive on my second run!

Nice game there

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amogus drive

is A: or M: or N:?


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very good game i recemmond 101%

i appreciate the loud grating earrape sound when you lose :)



(reminds me of progressbar95  from google play lol) gg btw. cant go thru h (my max lol)

i actually really adore this, it's such a interesting game and i adore the lil icons (espically that they are 16 bit ..) , but like AAH if i wasnt broke i'd donate $1,000,000 to this game for the amount of time it's taken away from my life. 😭


Good shit man!


Gah! This game induces so much stress. It'd be fine, but the pop ups... THE POP UPS! It's just barely on the "too stressful to be fun" side. Just barely though. 

I thought about playing it more, but between that and the teleport magic, I just couldn't do it to myself. That said, this game is probably right in that sweet spot for most people. 

It's well made, but you should probably have an upgrade or an item that is a pop up blocker. If it's an item, it could create a shield around your cursor that breaks a little every time you would get a pop up until it depletes. For an item 5-10 blocks seems fair. 

Anyway, great game, just not for me. xD

This is actually really good, wow. Big ups!

I usually don't like stressful games, but this one had me playing for sooo long! great game, definitely recommended!

Nice game! I got 1678 after a few tries. Not sure which drive I was on (maybe add that to the score page?) but I had a 1.9 level multiplier.

I think L

Drive L:

Great game i like it 

cool game. good vibes.

Lots of fun! Very original idea! I've played it a few more times since recording for my channel and have gotten slightly better, but dodging those viruses is still the death of me everytime X)

The only thing I noticed is that in the starting tutorial it mentioned files that I shouldn't delete (system files) and I haven't run into those yet in the gameplay. I would've assumed it came up more often, but maybe I just haven't progressed enough to hit them haha.

Very fun game, thank you for making it!

Good game! I got 287 score on my first run.

1375 here B)

I ended up playing this a lot longer than I expected, very nice!

a really good game. I love it!

Very cool game !


N: Drive

Your eyes do not deceive you, I made it to N drive somehow!
Yes, I made it to N drive.

I don't know if I am a noob excited over a standard achievement or if this is actually okay. I made it to N drive by getting all of the RAM upgrade stuff and wait time.

ha ha hah hah

Cool game. No coments

Great job!

I really liked the game!


Nice game

This game escalates SO QUICKLY

Really fun game 

It scales up its difficulty really well and its very addictive.


Brilliant game.
I think the power-ups are a bit worthless but otherwise, Superb.


I added Lose 95 to my site.

Very, very good game

This game is honestly so damn great!! It’s real fun and creative

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Nice game!Interesting.
I want this theme for Windows.


Fast-paced and lots of fun! Thought it seemed easy at first. I was wrong.

me quede con la boca abierta

My first run was a 318.


Nice game!

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