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419. I tried

1284, game is very fun

This is so neat, love how simple yet fun it is! Great aesthetic too (:

this game is so silly i love it


died at level H with 580 high score.

yo this is so cool my score is 210!



basically cool game!

After drive   (U+10FFFF) it loops back to Drive NUL (U+0000) and wait another 67 drives and your back to drive C

so in total, there are 1114177 drives



Highscore 1239

700 score! nice

what does the trash bin powerup do? it always says "deleted temp files," but nothing on screen changes.


It removes one of you downloaded files (the gray bar) from the disc giving you more time



Neat game. When the spam popup enemies started becoming common, I didn't want to play anymore.

Liked the game's aesthetics and mechanics. Interesting concept also. Enjoyed the challenging game overall!

Incredibly well made, very entertaining, visually gorgeous, love that whole aesthetic. Such a creative idea and so well executed. Thanks <3

Great game, really lovely and l like this music a lot. What does the trail skill do though?


It says. In the skill desc.

Understood, thank you

my phone be like

Very funny game.

I love this game! So simple, and so cool. Thank you!


guys i think my disk is full


also I don't understand the trail

Clicks when you click

I this is rlly fun yet also very stressful

Alphabet drives conquered, made to drive No: 5!

Very good



really fun game, got far

(2 edits) (+2)

there should be an upgrade that helps with popups. maybe an upgrade that has a chance to auto click the x. or just buff the trail upgrade so that it can click popups because right now the trail is pretty bad. 

also I think the invincibility frames for the files is too long

Es un increible juego, facil de entender y muy entretenido


i'm just gonna asuume that this game doesn't have an ending. good game!


this was so fun! its a really creative and original game that you pulled off very well! the visuals are excellent and the progression in difficulty keeps a good curve to the gameplay, as with the enemies. they were pretty interesting to fight!

i was a little confused at first as to what bars meant what, and what the powerups did, so maybe tooltips explaining when you hover over them would help?? or just something in the description? also the trail upgrade confused me too until realised it only worked when clicking :P

aside from those points though, i had a lot of fun! the colour upgrades gave me incentive to replay it a few times. though i gotta ask, is there an end to the game?? and how many colours are there? :0


as a linux user it reminds me to some windows problems :D

do you use arch btw


never thought I would play an OS

gad deem

nice little game

cute game!

Really loved the audio experience on this one, great work. Very cute interface aesthetic, and it's a fun challenge.


got to p: drive first time, had terrific fun the whole time only to get overwhelmed at the end. i would love some kind of grimoire to explain some of the specific stats of the enemies: number of hits, likelihood, maybe even delineating how they work (the rook-style enemy confused me bc i wasn't sure if it was stunning me or not when it moved in straight lines away from me). not necessary, not a con, just a thought! great great game. will definitely be coming back to this one!!


Really fun! My hand hurts :D

Nice dungeon crawler! I use it as an aim trainer for my skills!

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