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Lots of fun! Very original idea! I've played it a few more times since recording for my channel and have gotten slightly better, but dodging those viruses is still the death of me everytime X)

The only thing I noticed is that in the starting tutorial it mentioned files that I shouldn't delete (system files) and I haven't run into those yet in the gameplay. I would've assumed it came up more often, but maybe I just haven't progressed enough to hit them haha.

Very fun game, thank you for making it!

Good game! I got 287 score on my first run.

1375 here B)

I ended up playing this a lot longer than I expected, very nice!

a really good game. I love it!

Very cool game !


N: Drive

Your eyes do not deceive you, I made it to N drive somehow!
Yes, I made it to N drive.

I don't know if I am a noob excited over a standard achievement or if this is actually okay. I made it to N drive by getting all of the RAM upgrade stuff and wait time.

ha ha hah hah

Cool game. No coments

Great job!

I really liked the game!


Nice game

This game escalates SO QUICKLY

Really fun game 

It scales up its difficulty really well and its very addictive.


Brilliant game.
I think the power-ups are a bit worthless but otherwise, Superb.


I added Lose 95 to my site.

Very, very good game

This game is honestly so damn great!! It’s real fun and creative

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Nice game!Interesting.
I want this theme for Windows.


Fast-paced and lots of fun! Thought it seemed easy at first. I was wrong.

me quede con la boca abierta

My first run was a 318.


Nice game!

When I used the question magnifying glass, which allows you to teleport to another folder, my game automatically started lagging very badly.

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Actually it shows all the possible folders then with the insert file it allows you to teleport very op strat if you ask me

Oh, thank you!

Made a video

this is really cool. how did you make this?


This is extremely cool!

I love looking through directories

very unique and enjoyable game. I had fun playing.

I really love the idea! Simple but really powerfull :)

This game kinda emulates the feeling of opening up one file into another directory until you forgot what you were looking for. good game 10/10

I really hate those pop ups

Art mirrors life!

The Game...I lost it...

Had fun though :D


its just good


this is awesome

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the spell casters dodge way too much


It’s really fun!


the game is super fun


You can get softlocked if there's no key available.

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