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PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(81 total ratings)
Made withGameMaker
Tags2D, Cats, Dark Fantasy, Horror, Pixel Art, Short, Singleplayer, Surreal, Walking simulator
Average sessionA few minutes


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you're artstyle rocks!!
(iso plussa kissanhäntä wiggle animaatiosta <3)


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CRAZY grey creature examines LIVING FURNITURE instead of FEEDING their CAT


what a cute little "too mentally ill to do anything, but i must go feed my cat" simulator :)

best open world game

that was atmospheric, cute, and a little terrifying. sound design is really good ı liked that game :)

Short and sweet. I had fun playing. Would love a longer version.

unsettling game about feeding cats. yes. Kissa looks like one of my cats, Trinket >:3

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I realized that I was not playing in vain when kissa purred at the end

Very unsettling and atmospheric game. Fun though!

feeding a cat simulator

very awesome game, was super cute at the end! Super fun overall!


I dont understand the story

Played this game on my channel! Not entirely sure if I understood the story completely, but I tried my best! Honestly had a lot of fun with it!


I really liked this although it was a bit boring just walking around


A very good and well crafted atmospheric game. Might not be for everyone, but goddamn was it up my alley!



I was expecting a jump-scare soon but it never happened. I liked it a lot because it had no scary parts, except for the screen that said "they are watching" or something like that. I would recommend this to a friend


Pros and cons are down below) Check out my vid here (likes and subs are highly appreciated)):


The game was super creepy and I feel like there was more to the story than it seemed. I feel like the game gave hints about the fate of the world but it was up to the player to figure out what is going on and I really really liked it! The cat was adorable as well :3


I wish there would be a bit more to the gameplay than getting to point B and then back to point A. Also, I believe the game would benefit a lot from having more spooks and scares as it is a horror game after all. I haven't felt like this was a horror, it seemed to be more like a relaxing adventure than a horror experience. I wish there would be more secrets hidden here and there (and maybe there were some secrets that I just haven't found). At the moment the game feels kind of empty.


I rate this game 4 adorable cats / 5. I feel it's an intriguing and relaxing adventure with lore that's been told through the environment (which is pretty cool). But it's not a horror experience and it feels kind of empty.

Hope my feedback was useful!


I liked this game a lot! I think it was very interesting and kind of scary, but a different type of scary than a lot of other games. It’s a kind of subtle effect. The cat was also very cute.


Love your games, I played all of them in a row :)).. it is a bit pity I can not play them in full screen I think it will make me feel more immersed on them


So cute


Thanks so much for making this game Kultisti! It was a short and not so creepy experience, the cat was adorable, liked the audio you used for the game and the story behind "feeding Kissa", kinda dark. The ghostie goo surely wasn´t expected when I started playing this game. Very simplistic too.


bruh what


I played your game and it starts at 8:34


I found the ending! 

I liked it! Very cute game :3 Here is my gameplay if you want to see!


So simple yet I found it oozing with charm! Starts at 5:38 :)


Is this the correct ending?

I did the same thing. I honestly didn't know what to do after that or if I did something wrong.


The game is simple, dark, silent, short and objective and yet you managed to make a work of art. Congratulations! 


Great Game!


cute cat


um, is there some secret ending or something? or a different ending instead of the person you play as and there cat sleeping?


I think their might be, one time I saw a door in the room with the clock after feeding the cat but accidentaly left and when I went back it was gone


Nice little game! Intrigued by the premise of it and I’m going to play it again to see if there is more to discover. Simple and effective graphical style and audio, and I enjoyed how it played. I’ve included this game as part of my “3 scary games” series. This game is the second one. 

thank you, for making this game for me! :)


What a charming little game you've made here. I like your style!


hyvä peli :)


Is it weird to say that this game is both cute and unsettling? I don't think I recall something being described as that to me in recent memory, so this may be the first piece of media that I've personally experienced that I can describe as such! Kissa has this odd, cute charm to it - something that really does make it feel like an old school retro game - that seems to mask this unending sense of dread. It's as though the game is haunted by some sort of unnerving force, beckoning you to continue playing while simultaneously putting you at unease. Kultisti, you did a real good job with this one, and it makes me excited to see more from you in the future - even if those games don't game with a built-in Vienna sausage kitty!

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Very atmospheric game.

But the browser could not start the game.

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