darkness stole all of your stuff
let's get it back!

20 tiny levels to solve
made in ~4 days



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windows version 4 MB


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God damn level 17 and 20 were hard, but it was really fun.

level 17 is the only hard level, but good game


fuck yeah


Amazing game, only 2 problems with it. The book hitboxes are kinda small, I'll not grab them when I should've grabbed them. Also the chain hitboxes need to be bigger, I can like not get hit by them when I'm touching them sometimes. But besides that this game is fantastic. Graphics are great, level design is good, and the ideas are creative.


a fricking game I loved it, yummy to play, beautiful graphics, and it was made in 4 FUCKING DAYS, AMAZING, mainstream games should be like this...


Someone needs to port this to the Gameboy ASAP!


Honestly i love your platformers!!

I wanna see moaar

Классный платформер для короткого и увлеченного прохождения, большое спасибо разработчику за этот приятный игровой опыт)


very nice :)


ZAMN THIS IS SO CUTE AND COOL, you really maked a good job doing this!! is so cool, thank ya for made this short-coolass game dude!


this game is so cute! i love the artstyle and the way you move :))


Love this!! ^^

Muito fofo e fácil de aprender a jogar, adorei <3

nice game, as usual! hope you'll made longer game though..

I really enjoyed Had, from the simplicity of its gameplay loop to the juicyness  of its animation (l particularly liked the way the platforms squashed) and the well designed level. It's short, fun and inspiring. Exactly what i wanted. Thanks for your game Kultisti (sorry for any mispellings, english isn't my first language)!


wait is this the prequel to eplovene?

I enjoyed this a lot. I really like the graphical style you chose. 


it was quite difficult but still fun. I liked the art.


I loved this game. The movement has a great flow and the atmosphere is very good! I liked everything from the sound to the sprites. Congratulations!


this was gorgeous!! i loved the cute character design and how flowy the animations all were, this is great work :) color scheme reminds me of a wild berry poptart

Totally adorbs! The fact you got me to play patiently really boosted the experience. Thank you Kultisti 5/5 STUFF <3



super satisfying

Nice game , took a while to complete a level


kyute little pixel person >v<


ohhhh i love this so much, i hope u make moree :D


Lovely job! ❤️


Another gem.


My god , this was BEAUTIFUL!!! i loved it so much ! definitely the kind of game play and complexity i love and look for in small games !



This was so cute! The space between tiles feels just perfect, I usually suck at these kind of platformers but I've managed to get Had's rhythm pretty easily. Congrats Kultisti!