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Neat little game. I had two nice ~1h sessions playing through it.

Those are some nice simple puzzles put together with controls that feels quite right (since I used the space key to jump I just had a bit of trouble with the skate poles at first because I would press the arrow key before the space key in anticipation, causing this froggy buddy to jump too soon).

I tried out the speedrun mode on 1A to conclude today. I was glad to see the fast frog fall :)

Thx for the game, I wish you have a good day.

the frog honestly reminds me of undertale's "froggit"

Frogs are cool and this game too! Thank you 😊


This was quite entertaining to play and just a question: Kultisti is a word which could be said to be an Albanian spelling of cultist. Are you an Albanian? If yes, Then I'm glad to finally find a fellow Albanian indie developer on


simple and satisfying platformer really cool

great game, good job!

does anyone know what game engine is it? like there is export to webgl and in files i doesn see unity crash handler


Good Game. 5/5 Frogs. 🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸

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Good game 8/10 for nearly ending my school laptops career nice game 

stuck on mountain im crying to sleep very dum

Very good game :D

Эта игра очень хорошая!

Sometimes you find neat little surprises like this game in your itch feed. Today was such an occurrence

This was so much fun! It's really impressive that the levels all felt so unique with such simple mechanics. I really wasn't expecting the skateboarding, it was a very welcome surprise!

Pixel art is beautiful, mechanics, puzzles and gameplay are really good and feel really satisfying. The B-Side levels were pretty difficult too. Loved this game! 

this game made me rage quit... but the ending made me feel amazing!

"Charming" describes this game perfectly! 𓆏<3

Lovely game I like it so much!

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Good game, had wonderful visuals, funny frogs, and puzzles what else could a man ask for?

it's a good game, love the puzzles

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You're one of my fav devs bro, I played and finished a few of your games on Opera GX. Love the concepts you come up with and expand, will try this one soon.

I like frog and this neat little frog game is frog so I like it!!!

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Really fun game! B-side final is insane though, I just can't seem to make that weird, seemingly frame perfect jump at the end (I've already spent way too long on the other levels of the B-side levels). I just can't seem to make it. I really love the inclusion of the more challenging levels though, don't get me wrong. It's a great for the people who are into that for sure! And the casual players can just stop at the A-side, so it's entirely optional. I just like suffering.

EDIT: Ok nvm, I've figured it out, I'm just really dumb and accidentally stumbled upon the right solution when I realized I also had to go back. Basically save one fly for the left and collect the switch fly on the switch wall.

EDIT 2: ok it was kinda easy when I figured it out, I'm so embarrased. I did it though.


w game

Very neat, a fun little exploration of some easy to understand mechanisms assembled into fun puzzles.


i need more

Bro, i really dont knowwhy is so interesting. U’re fucking genius

Genuinely one of the best games I've ever played.

Great concept very well executed! Really good stuff :)

fun game! love the art (:

had a lot of fun super cute and creative, loved the b-sides <3

Good game (^_^)-b


fire 🗣🔥

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I love it. BIG FROG


yeah and thank you for makin’ the dam’ game

(stupid little talented pebble youuuu)


100% A and B done, what next?


I always look forward to your games, and this was one of your best yet!


acabei de terminar o jogo, e devo dizer que isso é realmente inspirador... a bandeira final me fez chorar, não acho que haverá outra obra-prima como essa por um tempo. 

A mecânica é tão refinada, os hitboxes recompensadores, a dificuldade a mistura perfeita de difícil e ainda divertido de jogar. A cada novo truque (meu favorito é o skate), os desafios se tornam mais complexos, fazendo com que haja muito para os corredores de velocidade usarem.

No geral, Infinito/10, jogaria novamente!

just finished the game, and I have to say that this is truly inspirational... the end flag gave a tear to my eye, I don't think that there will be another masterpiece like this for a while. 

The mechanics are so refined, the hitboxes rewarding, the difficulty the perfect mix of difficult and still fun to play. With every new gimmick, (my favorite being the skateboard), the challenges became more complex, leading there to be so much for speed runners to use.

Overall, 27/27, would play again!

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