it's fall in froggo town
time for a one final round
to catch some flies!


饟啅 40+ tiny levels to beat
饟啅 B-sides
饟啅 speedrun mode
饟啅 one hungry frog!

Updated 1 day ago
Published 6 days ago
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(220 total ratings)
Tags2D, Cute, Fantasy, Frogs, Pixel Art, Puzzle-Platformer, Short, Singleplayer, Skating, Speedrun


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realy cute, great concept and design! looks like a game you could get on the nintendo NES or SNES

Thank YOU!  <3 as always.


Fun game until the level literally called "this level". tried for half an hour and gave up. so, mission accomplished, I guess

it is recommended to wait for the permaflies to start moving down before moving to the next permafly, hope this helps

great game

wow, this is really good





Kultisti is a legend when it comes to these type of games.

awesome game love the artstyle

Great game, making a thing for it and am wodering what fonts are used in this, as I want to stay as accurate as I can, also how do you do that thing where it's both imperfect but also clean pixel art? Thank you, 10/10 game

This was fun!

speedrun section could be developed further to allow seperate level runs to see what the fastest theoretical time is

and resetting component that speedrun has should be in normal levels

otherwise 5/5

great game and very unique :)


How is this the TOP game for browser?


Because it's a great game. Fuck off


I know that. But it's the TOP top. Like, number one. I'm just in awe. I said it as in "Oh wow, it's at the top!" Not as in "How is a game this bad at the top?" Jeez. You really took this the wrong way.

Well this is just the b-side only, but still a very fun and challenging game, especially on b-side.

super fun to play on your school chromebook, I got 1104 deaths, which I think is a lot

love it!

It's perfect! The graphics, mechanics, and game are simple and wonderful. The window close animation is especially brilliant. I really enjoy it.

This game is really charming.

Cute little game that is super fun! I would buy this on steam if it had more levels. Despite being fast paced, it's kinda relaxing. Overall, great game! 

Very fun and challenging small-format platformer. Loved the color palettes, the little frog, and being a skater. 


I really enjoyed playing this game! The game design is very well done, the sounds are goofy (i like that) and the art is overly simple and fits the game very well! 5/5


when it says: GOOD NIGHT..... FROGFALLER i knew it was gaming.

(1 edit) (+1)

Ribbiting gameplay


its a glitchy game it just lagged at the final level. shame thought it was a good game till it just stopped working :( 


stfu nobody asked you rage gamer


this is entirely a skill issue on your end


another Kultisti banger, thank you <3

Was nice to see your "trademark" colorpalettes again (in the speedruns choosing menu) . But what i don't like about platformers - they cause sweating ) Please make your next game in "puzzle" or "turn-based roguelike" genre )

This was fun!  The stages were hard but in a way that makes it fun.  Froggo is super cute as well. :)

good game :D

This is one the best game I played ,had so much fun ;)

absolutely in love with the game, completed it all, my star of speed (a+b) time was 58 mins tho haha. Showed this game to my girlfriend and she played it through aswell! Really well done, thank you so much for making this. I enjoyed it a lot.

Beat the game and all the extra stuff, that was really fun mate keep up the good work!

Love the Celeste style ending . Great game!

well, I somehow beat all the levels except the last skatepark one, good enough. no idea how aou are supposed to know what is where behind the white shapes, jsut guesswork.
but in the last level I have no clue what is going on behind there.

I love this game asf, The mechanics are so creative!

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i kill the fucking 5 hours at this game. nice game

How do you get the ability?

I really love this game!!!! It has some weird controls that I love and the possibility for just this mechanics is almost unlimited!! The B sides are incredible hard and technical even if there are still multiple ways to solve them.

By the way in the level shadow the appearing blocks on the sliders are completely useless as you can just jump around them, the only problem is not touching them.

This was neat! It reminds me a good deal of Goopty Goo which had the same single screen "bounce on everything without hitting the floor" idea, although this is developed a good bit further than that was.

I love the little design quirks, like froggo sleeing after being idle, flipping his skateboard off the ramps, the fun level shapes like skulls and letters, etc. Very cool aesthetic and cool music too.

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