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Nice platformer man! I really enjoyed playing



Epolevne (Full Game)


shall we ever find out what was inside the epolevn?

cool puzzle game

I loved it. Very cute design and nice mechanics.


I love this game! Had a lot of fun, calming music, nice puzzle, cute character too!

What a wonderful game! Great job :)

May I wonder what game engine have you used?

A game secretly abour checking the mail. charming and polished with a unique style and clever puzzles

realy good but i think that a level where you need to die in order to beat it would make a great adition.

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Hi Kultisti,

I like your game verry much, awsome artstyle, great techniques and also ideas, as well as the soundtrack which fits in so much.

could you tell me a bit of the principle you are using for epolevne? I am trying to program a top down platformer in unity and i am struggling how to integrate falling and jumping. I tested many different techniques with colliders, but didnt get a working result. Would be awsome if ya could share a bit of youre knowledge, just the basic idea, what i can try.

thanks a lot ;)

tiny, simple, charming and polished. amazing as always, Kultisti!

Fantastic as usual.

I really, really liked! It's on me favorites already

Super great game! Just long enough to be really interesting but not tedious, gorgeous art and really well done music and ambience. Super impressive! ^^

I love the mood! Awesome work^^

Oh man i love it !!!! amazing work !

I wonder what the message in the envelope read. And I just figured out the game's name is the word spelled backwards.

Love the atmosphere

If I had to go through this every morning to check the mail... I think I'd get a P.O. Box. Awesome game. It was really fun and the puzzles were just the right difficulty. Keep up the good work! 

I feel dumb for not understanding the meaning behind the name until the very end.

What about those that still did not understand even after the ending? :)

Great small game!

Great game. I love puzzle platform games. 


I like this game, but I'd prefer first person view.

Although not really a negative comment, still gave it a minus because I simply don't understand why you would want to say this. It is not a FPS game, so why expect that it would be?

Very nice little game.

so polished and the atmosphere is amazing! Also very satisfying puzzle elements :)

Amazing mechanics, simple but really fun. Love the polish!!


I too, love Poland

it's a cool place

really great work Kultisti, you have never failed to amaze me! Keep it up bro

i often call a lot of Kultisti games "Puzzle games with a mix of platforming" and this one leans a lot on the platforming which ignoring my bias with the fact i hate platformers this is a very well made game, the jumping is well put together and i was never doing a leap of faith, the puzzles were fun if a bit easy, the art work is really good, i'm getting a lot of cathedral vibes from it. the soundtrack is not that good, but it still has the charm Kultisti put in all their games.. overall seeing how this was made in about the amount of time of a game jam and with my past experiences with being a game jam judge this is definitely a great game, more so considering this was made by one person in a short amount of time. it might not win a jam but it was far, far from a waste of time.

it's cute! some of the levels that hinge on speed for completion are a bit frustrating, but overall a good time.

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