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I love the idea of a top-down platformer, really cool!

Nice game!

pretty good puzzles, simple but challenging enough

amzing puzzles like always :)

É vírus.

fica quieto


EPOLEVNE = envelope

Fantastic Game

Very nice simple, but not to simple, puzzle game.

BEST GAME!!!!!!!

This was really fun and the mechanics are interesting but the levels were much too easy. It would be awesome to see a more challenging puzzles!


'Too Easy'



Pleasant and beautiful :)

I really enjoyed this game it was so fun


Fun game here's a speedrun


a new platformer comes out:


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this was awesome! I couldn't get enough of the mechanics, the color, and even the background music hits!(the joke was there is no background music)

there is it must not work for you.

oop, i played in class so i didnt have my volume like all the way up, you know


Nice game with good mechanics. It also has nice animation and color scheme!

very good game and animations, it's just like Had the next chapter, but I found a glitch if u jump when entering the door, the player will be shorten and will be back to normal in the next lv

Nice puzzle with simple mechanics.

I made the gameplay on Youtube, you can watch it if you want.

very fun and interesting game, has some really fun puzzles too! Nice game!

thx nice game

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Simple mechanics with well thought levels -- a great combination. I admit I had to Google "epolevne" not to convince myself it meant "letter" in some nordic language...


Really nice little Game



funnily enough you can skip alot of platforms with some tight jumps (like going over a diagonal gap)


yet again another great game

nice little puzzle game, always in for more Kultisti creations <3


Awesome short game, especially so many levels for 72 hours! Nice job!


This is both a fun game and an elegant lesson in puzzle design :) Everything was just intuitive. <3

Loved this.

A very fun plat former game! There were some levels I had to brute force my way through, but overall a satisfying experience.

I completed the game seems easy


At first it looked pretty simple, but it's actually very good, soft gameplay and nice visuals, everything is pretty understandable :D

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Muito divertido, ótimos puzzles e possui um visual bem bonito.

I loved this game. The music is beautiful and the gameplay was really fun <3

This was a very fun platformer and I liked the different types of mechanics and varying levels of difficulty.

So simple but so cute! I really like it!

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