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thx nice game

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Simple mechanics with well thought levels -- a great combination. I admit I had to Google "epolevne" not to convince myself it meant "letter" in some nordic language...

Really nice little Game



funnily enough you can skip alot of platforms with some tight jumps (like going over a diagonal gap)


yet again another great game

nice little puzzle game, always in for more Kultisti creations <3


Awesome short game, especially so many levels for 72 hours! Nice job!


This is both a fun game and an elegant lesson in puzzle design :) Everything was just intuitive. <3

Loved this.

A very fun plat former game! There were some levels I had to brute force my way through, but overall a satisfying experience.

I completed the game seems easy


At first it looked pretty simple, but it's actually very good, soft gameplay and nice visuals, everything is pretty understandable :D

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Muito divertido, ótimos puzzles e possui um visual bem bonito.

I loved this game. The music is beautiful and the gameplay was really fun <3

This was a very fun platformer and I liked the different types of mechanics and varying levels of difficulty.

So simple but so cute! I really like it!

Nice platformer man! I really enjoyed playing



Epolevne (Full Game)


shall we ever find out what was inside the epolevn?

cool puzzle game

I loved it. Very cute design and nice mechanics.


I love this game! Had a lot of fun, calming music, nice puzzle, cute character too!

What a wonderful game! Great job :)

May I wonder what game engine have you used?

A game secretly abour checking the mail. charming and polished with a unique style and clever puzzles

realy good but i think that a level where you need to die in order to beat it would make a great adition.

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Hi Kultisti,

I like your game verry much, awsome artstyle, great techniques and also ideas, as well as the soundtrack which fits in so much.

could you tell me a bit of the principle you are using for epolevne? I am trying to program a top down platformer in unity and i am struggling how to integrate falling and jumping. I tested many different techniques with colliders, but didnt get a working result. Would be awsome if ya could share a bit of youre knowledge, just the basic idea, what i can try.

thanks a lot ;)

tiny, simple, charming and polished. amazing as always, Kultisti!

Fantastic as usual.

I really, really liked! It's on me favorites already

Super great game! Just long enough to be really interesting but not tedious, gorgeous art and really well done music and ambience. Super impressive! ^^

I love the mood! Awesome work^^

Oh man i love it !!!! amazing work !

I wonder what the message in the envelope read. And I just figured out the game's name is the word spelled backwards.

Love the atmosphere

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