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got a bit inspired to try something new
check out klarip's zines too

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i love the aesthetic of this!! creepy & mysterious vibes :3

bruh.mp4. I like it, lol.


The art in this kind of gives  off a gravity falls/tim burton-y vibe. I like it ^_^


I really like the vibe!!! it's like creppy and cute(?? thanks for the shout out!


Woah, this is super cool! A lot of the art reminds me of art by Stanley Donwood for Radiohead albums, especially the later pages. I really love the jagged lines and everything! I feel like a game in this style would be awesome or maybe even a series of zines because I'd love to see more of this type of stuff!


The Lust page feels like you combined Ahegao with Picasso. Trippy but I like it!
Actually a lot of pages feel trippy to me but in a good way.