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jump higher and higher as you
clean the clockworks of reality from the cosmic waste!

with 10+ unlockable colour palettes!

made in ~48 hours
for weekly game jam 206

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(47 total ratings)
GenreAction, Survival
Made withGameMaker
Tags2D, Arcade, Colorful, Cute, Endless, Fast-Paced, Pixel Art, Score Attack, Short


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windows version 3.8 MB


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my highscore is 135


i have grown an addiction, give more

ohmygod 113 highscore yes


curse ball overprepared me i think since i got a 237 high score

really enjoyed it! Great work :)

great game!

Cool addictive game. Would work amazingly as a mobile if it isn't already

this game is more addictive than Flappy Bird its so easy and fun to play! great job! <B


Awesome game, had a lot of fun playing it!


What are the hex codes for the cog_dwarf pallete?

why don't you do it for all platforms and the Raspberry Pi

loved it, can i copy it?😅🙌


Love this game! It’s so creative and fun. I also love how your scores add up and eventually change the pallet, I think that’s a really cool touch as well.



*This game is creative. I have never played a game that had a combination of mechanics like this.

*The visual experience was great. I really liked the bright colors on a dark background. I liked the feature that allowed the player to choose palettes (provided that the player unlocks them first).

*The sound effects were pretty good. The music fit the mood of the game, but it was kind of boring. Also, there was an audio glitch where replaying the game without going back to the main menu would make the music not play.

*I usually do not like games with no finite end goal. This is because playing these games makes me feel that the game is meaningless as I do not really feel a sense of accomplishment. Furthermore, these games seem to be plagued with repetition. However, I did have some fun in the unique gameplay. I found it stressful and challenging to conserve my jumps to get cogs and avoid obstacles without falling to my death. I believe that the tutorial should be more clear onto how jumps are limited and how to get more jumps. Furthermore, I believe that the tutorial should address the floating obstacles that appear later on when getting higher scores.

If you liked my constructive criticism, please feel free to rate my game:


i do have a problem with the finite one,though yes, you'd feel no accomplishment, but some players DO like infinite games, to fix this problem i think they should add story mode


This could be a really fun mobile game. You should try to release it

Made a video

This was very cool. 

  • Interesting visual aesthetic
  • Good music design 
  • Solid and simple initial gameplay loop
  • Unlocks and gameplay change was a nice addition to keep it interesting beyond 3 minutes.

Great work and wicked quick development!

i really liked the various palettes and the gameplay loop!

Brilliant! Recorded a video: 

I like it but I didn't play it a lot. A few of this owl cleaners and we are set with the waste in the world...if by any chance Earth waste still counts as cosmic . what if there was some intelligent cosmic waste entity that dodges at the last second before you can collect it and also spits in your face so you are blind for a second or two! WHOO knows what will happen then!

You are a game-making machine

Yo this is pretty nice and addicting! nice art and sounds, jumping feels really good.

Fun & polished, as always. 5/5

Simple game loop with sweet unlockables to make it addicting. Very complete and elegant design, with a lot of juice and polish, especially for a jam game. Another hit by Kultisti!