reconnect wires to save your cats

from this mysterious world!


made in 48 hours for

mini jam 80 / weekly jam 201


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Another hit by Kultisti! Such a great experimental little game, with amazing art and mood. I love the simple yet innovative puzzle design. The gameplay made me feel smart without being too tough — it's very fluid and welcoming, but still challenging.

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I did it! Honestly, this game was a lot more fun than how it looked at first glance (no offense). The game was designed really well and was a very unique puzzle to me. The game really makes you think along with the fact that there are multiple ways to do some of the levels. But all in all 5/5 loved the game!

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The mechanic is unique, and the puzzles use it very well. 
The player is so smooth, you didn't have to put input buffers and coyote time, but you did anyway, and I always appreciate that
The graphics were clear and easy to read and looked great
The sounds effects were simple and didn't get in the way of the focus, and the ambiance of the music pairs perfectly with the tone and genre

Honestly, my only complaint would be that it is short and easy, but that is to be expected from a jam game, and it doesn't take away anything.

5/5, not even kidding, this was amazing. 

Definitely deserved the win

Really cool game, I've never seen anything like this before. I like how there isn't one strict solution to every level in terms of wire shapes.

Cats n Wires (Gameplay Walkthrought)

Very cool game mechanic, but the game overall is a bit too easy imho. The controls and pixel art is very good as well.

The animation of the player character jumping and running is so expressive and smooth!  With a higher resolution sprite it would be impressive, with the resolution you're using it's magical.

I cant figure out the level named jump rope. I'm stumped

i have no idea what i did wrong, i cant pass this. i even reloaded it.

i pressed z,x,j,q, and 1. i'm on a computer and i even watched FullThrough's walkthrough for answers. please help

i also tried this a ton of times with different combonations of plugs and i am SO confused right now and im not sure this should happen

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so it doesn't do anything if you press x when the text comes up?

yeah it does nothing

i'm gonna try reloading it a bit more


20 out of 20 kitties, recommended.

Cozy atmosphere and interesting puzzles! Especially amazing animations! I love this game!

Similar to other comments, this game has such smooth mechanics and just the right increments of difficulty. The music is calming and adds a nice ambience.

original, cute and simple. great game.

I played Cats and Wires as part of a "3 free random games" video - I also played Six Cats Under, as well as Goodbye Doggy.

I really enjoyed playing this game! The concept was simple and sweet, but it had it's own flare! I really loved the ambient particles and the game was so smooth to play! I had fun playing all the levels although mid air caught me off guard a little bit. (:

Ok, that was great! Good choice in music and colors, nice puzzles, interesting game mechanics. Only thing that disappointed me was how easy the last level was. But all in all I love it!

Great game, mechanics, sounds, art, all of it is phenomenal.

absolutely amazing. very cool style and creative game mechanics!! really enjoined playing this!   

Very clever and cute, and just the right length and difficulty, too.

Amazing game! Great art work, animation and level design. Though the last level is definitely not the hardest...


Hiii, I've made a video beating the game and wanted to share some feedback about it, hopefully it is useful to you ^^

-The concept is really interesting and I liked the "small story".

-The gameplay mechanics are awesome and the level design makes them shine as the combination is good for making the player feel like he can be creative about how to beat the levels.

-The visual style is really good and made the game really enjoyable.

Hopefully this is useful to you :D, also if you could subscribe that would help me a lot :)



I like this game

wonderful game very cute and with each level we get more and more stuck in saving the kittens loved it <3

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Sooo coool :D And i love the music

Fun !

Awesome game. I love the puzzles, mechanics and how you introduce each one. Mind sharing what game engine/ tools you used to make it?

Totally adorable!  And I love games that take a mechanism and say, "OK, what can we do with this": doesn't need to get complicated or fancy to be a lot of fun.  Excellent!

Its a very smooth and fun game i like it! 10/10 game.


you mean 100/10

10000000/10 + Innovative=100000000000000000000000000000/0.0000001


I really like the puzzles you've been making!

One small thing is that I wish you would move me straight into the next level, in this game and in previous ones. An underrated part of puzzle-solving is the flow-state you develop as you glide from one to puzzle to the next, but here it takes 5 seconds between finishing one puzzle and gaining control again, which is very jarring.

Nice! Totally agree with the guys below. Original concept, well executed and it's even a good basis for more variety and more difficulty.

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I am absolutely amazed that you manage to create new and phenomenal games frequently. The puzzles in here are thought provoking. The mechanic is super unique. You just always manage to create these amazing games. You've quickly become one of my favorite game designers. No question. so 

PS - I beat it.

Very nice and good atmosphere I will try to send all space all cats but it took me some time just to see you can freeze jump. :)


A simple mechanic used in a very effective way. Cute puzzle-platformer, heavy on the puzzle, that was tons of fun to play. 10/10 would recommend.