made with Electric Zine Maker and EZMreader

and some old drawing software

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It's 4 am right now. I was sucked into a rabbit hole looking at your games and those comic thingies and I just wanna tell you I loved every second of it.

The disturbing yet ethereal nature of them is something strait out of a dream of mine. I guess I see a lot of myself in your work.
Sometimes I feel as if the reason I'm in this earth is to create. Not necessarily for other people but for the purpose of creation. I guess It's a way to escape our world, or feel as if I'm accomplishing something. Maybe...

Everyday I escape my reality, I can wander around infinite empty worlds built for me.
They appear in my dreams too. If only I could drift off to sleep and forever dream of these empty worlds.
I just can't seem to create. I never finish anything, never follow through.
I admire your persistence and determination. making all this stuff must be really hard.
Good night, sweet dreams. <3


i have been following you for a while now and i often fail to interpret your zines, instead simply appreciating the surrealist vibes. however, for the first time i think i get something here. i interpreted this one as a cost of having a creative mind, watching stories and ideas unfold and multiply beneath your eyelids as the numbers on the clock increase toward morning times and the adrenaline and excitement from creative novelty lead to that unfortunate crescendo of sleep deprivation. i've been there before, fixated on fantasy worlds until i realize i've morphed over into the next day. love your games and artwork. hope you're doing nicely.



wonderful. thankes for sharing.

Love love love love this, it resonates so much with how i feel and the weird shit i write sometimes. I find this beautiful. Love your work as always.

its 2 am here