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The game is great but i feel like the load between levels feels slow unlike the death which let you respawn quickly, also there is a glitch where you can stand on the edge of the spiky cubes.



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hey uh. how am i supposed to get to the nest? all the videos i see have a different layout than whats pictured. is this a bug? or is the level different now? i know this is the last level, so its not too big of a deal. its not just a visual glitch either.

same thing happened to me, i cant beat the game :(


i figured it out! i just needed to get more momentum by going through each green line. i don't know how to explain it better than that. its not a bug, though.

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go to the far right then middle, then right and you should be able to do it, just get more height :3

thank you for explaining it better then me. ^-^

Its okie ^w^

You figured it out, but I'll add this for anyone else struggling: You just need to keep going through the 2nd and 3rd green line without stopping. It's the same as an earlier level, just more subtle. It will feel like you're not increasing in momentum at first, but if you keep going, you'll notice it after a while. I think you need more than 5 loops to comfortably make the jump.


Short, sweet, and intuitive! Loved it.


This game is really fun, love the music!

Nice game!

I won in 3:45:523



Love it. So simple yet, sharp and fun to play. Great job.

love it played it during work since i work from home great time consumer <3


this is my all time fave game i keep coming back for it and i have trouble remembering the names of games but this one stuck to me :) i absolutely adore Sulka<3


I want to squish the bird like a marshmallow


Hi! I'm wanting to take games made for GBJam and make them for Gameboy! Would I be able to get the assets and build for this? If possible, the GB studio project too? This would be for my own personal use :) 

good wow


Wow amazing mini platformer with a sprinkle of puzzle. It’s difficulty is perfect, altho I find the room just before halfway the most difficult. Wonderful aesthetics and animations. The movement is solid smooth and intuitive, one of the best I ever encountered in an indie game. You are a genius making this in 60 hours! Also benevolence: spikes are friendly if you touch them carefully :D

True, but at times these spike-lands can be just as annoying as actual spikes, usually by getting in the way of a high-speed portal flip combo. The area is also a bit too small to be easily exploitable, though I suppose with enough practice one could use this to jump across alternating blocks of spikes...

That is now a strat used in speedruns! :)

this game is so charming! i love the art and little animations and the level design in genius (:(: cant believe this was made in 60 hours

this is amazing


the level design is so good!! and the art is so aesthetic


A platform game with a hint of a puzzle that is a bit small but quite cute, the music is quite simple but I liked the simple graphics and the mechanics of reversing gravity.

really fun, had a blast playing it. Hope to see a sequel some day

I really enjoyed!
good game!

Game is rly interesting and has inobvious decisions. Such Fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cool, I'd have liked it to last longer!

Hey, just letting you know that it's possible to land on the edge of tiles with spikes on them. While I can't be 100% sure if it's unintended or not, I can only assume it is.

What a lovely atmosphere! I love it




Cozy's a really good word for this


Rather charming little puzzle platformer! I adore how the anti-gravity mechanics work in this game. I also love the visual direction too. Using a very nice palate, and easily identifiable terrain that doesn't leave any ambiguity for the players. And the controls too! This might seem like a minor thing, but for someone more used console platformers, it was very nice being able to used WASD and the arrow keys simultaneously to play. Again, a very small thing, but being able to use W and D to move, and the up arrow for jump felt very satisfying. Amazing job on this game! 

Also k and j for jump!

and z, x and space too.

This is so cute and cool game

Fun gameplay mechanic. I really liked the simplistic artwork!


Perfect game idea, great level design

Good game!

just perfect/

4:21 so close to the funny number (my best run)




challenge accepted

3:02.424 (current best run)

niceeee, I'll try to race you to a sub 3

I havent been on for quite a while, but I certainly regret it. you are probably one of my favorite indie game devs consistently


Amazing game from kultisti again! Fun mechanics, cute art, satisfying gameplay, it's all just a good and relaxing experience!

awww the game is so sweet :)

too sad there's not a lot of level...

anyway i loved it

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