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i cant figure out the controls

Steptile All Levels Walkthrough

why the heck did Eclipse give Vinter the board game?

What a great thinky game. easy enough to slide in but hard enough to be a little bit of a noodle bender. well done! I haven't played a puzzle game this original in years. 

I only have one request. A RESET HOTKEY!!! ifhcgjiuygtfgcvghuoytfr!!! Sorry, it was just a bit annoying to try and hit the cool little button to reset every time my tiny brain screwed the puzzle up.

A one-move undo could also be nice but that's your choice.


How to get the secret levels and what is the secret language?

press start after you finished the game and there will be two cats in the corners, press on them to play the secrat and lost levels.


thanks you :)


Played the cat levels with my cat in front of me. Can confirm the game is cat approved.

very interesting 

great game /

An amazing game as per usual! Cat levels boosted my dopamine levels, the secret ending was amazing! 10/10!



The puzzles are moderately difficult, and the solutions can be calculated backwards from the correct diagram, so you can think and derive the answer with your mind rather than trying and trying all over the place, so it was very pleasant to play and enjoy solving the puzzles.

And I really like the atmosphere of the story. I like that the story is connected to the previous Planetaario, and although I haven't played all your works yet, it made me want to play all of them.

Why can't I get a step-tile like that?

HELP how do you get to secret levels??

Follow the cats


I loved how simultaneously cute and spooky this was, and also the game-within-a-game conceit. Great puzzles, and a really charming presentation.

Steptile Lost Levels

nice game! i feel like i wanted to rotate the cards with right click while planning out my route though haha

Nice puzzle game!

Very clever puzzles and really nice to play! I really like it







Very cool! I got to the second or third purple tile puzzle and got stuck. really love the presentation and vibes!

Excellent game! 👍

Steptile Walkthrough

ples secret levels lmao


I didn't see this secret level?

great game, wow! maybe add a way to acces settings in-game, but otherwise it's awesome and I love the simple gameplay


Great as always!

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i have a black screen :/

i was just moving in the level selector and then i fall and a black screen appear

is it normal ?

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should be fixed now ✿
thx for letting me know!


You're welcome


Such a great game! love everything about it, as usual for games made by Kultisti <3