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6166 - 124 - 370

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High score 5247-146

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It's kinda fast, a lot of times I would turn to get more of the shiny thing and miss it cause my reaction was too slow for the game. It's still pretty sick
High score 1759-86

it makes me relax. Love from CN!

Add fullscreen please, i cant see the whole screen.

Best game ever made


I am just going to say it. Kultisti is a game design genius. 

It's like Undertale snake

Wow!  This is really cool.  Such a nice aesthetic

The atmosphere is very relaxing

Got a score of 866 lol. Great little variation of snake


You're just so so good, everything you touch turns into weird eldritch cryptic gold whispering dark invitations, I love everything you do. This is insane, the gamefeel, the imagery, the layers you've added. I think my favorite thing is the onboarding, how you tutorialized everything, but also made that a simple and smooth part of the normal gameplay progression. You're so good. Thank you.

why do you have to protect a candle

no dark or ded aka no moonlight


common kultisti w, controls are so smooth and the colours are awesome. i use the dark red skin a ton. it's pretty. really great time-waster during work

(high score: 2984, 102)

how many colors are there?

Wait. Jumping?! I got a high score of 2000-something and completely forgot about jumping. Now the game seems even more forgiving than it already was. Can't wait to see how many lasers show up once I get further! A really good modern spin on the snake with nice smooth difficulty. Both more and less difficult in good ways.

The only issue I had was the moon lasers - not entirely obvious when they stop being damaging. Also, I don't see a way to actually see my high score. Other than that it's really perfect.

Okay, I got 3349, 125! The jumping feels super smooth and responsive, and I also found out the animations are skippable. How many of those 6 days did you spend on developing the main thing, and how many on polishing? It's just such a well rounded game.

you this game is very fun and simple, gets challenging super fast. Love the music btw 

Very fun!  A little less intense than Curseball, but that is actually a nice thing most of the time.

when you found your favorite game: YIPPEE!!!
when you realize your too slow to even make a good score: *cries a river*


high score: 836

how you do the pixel alignment thing

Deleted post

bug: when going in a direction and quickly turning around, you move into yourself (for example when moving down, quickly press right, up)

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thank ya ✿
should be fixed now 

thanks! controls also feel snappier now. i think this is the only snake game i know where you can turn around with a single key press, thats an interesting decision lol


There's a glitch where the candle keeps moving. Also could you add the option to play the game in full screen?

oh the candle WAS suppose to move!

Oh I see. It goes inside the box though. I also have the glitch where the blue color that you get for leveling up is red instead of blue. I'm not complaining though I think it looks pretty rad that way

oh, then that was a glitch, not a good one if you ask me (the candle one)


Kultisti could you please make a "kultisti ost" that has all the music from all your games cus' it's good music and I want to listen to it.

So cool, The witchy version of playing a game. :)

such a cool game and so smooth to play! Well done!


love it

The snake game part is a bit fast and difficult, but the quiet, chic and unique atmosphere and the story part at the beginning was very nice and nice! I haven't been able to get all the color palettes yet, so I'm looking forward to playing more.


Another banger from Kultisti.

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wait...Vinter? this is in the same universe as Planetaario?


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oh this snake looks familiar...

it looks like the snakes from the second-to-last level of planetwo

I really like the jumping mechanic. Great job on this!

hi the game was  simple and fun ,great work i made new game (bvb-guess ) too if want check my game and tell any bug or new things that i can add to it ,thank you

This is my favorite iteration of Snake. The jump mechanic and forgiveness elements are fresh and well tuned. Soundtrack is a banger. Thanks for making and sharing this!

this is great! I'm terrible at it so I can't tell if the first level is even a level or is that the whole game and you just get as many points as you can?


All of your games have such a delicate balance between difficulty and simplicity, and this one is no exception! The entire game is a great twist on snake-like games, lending it over to the intuitive gameplay, while adding some original flare through the moonlight mechanic (not to mention the jumping and candle!)


I really like this game. Actually, I really like your work in general.

The narrative is short yet very creative and it is explored very nicely through the game's art. The narrative, the sprites, the music, the UI. Everything matches and complements each other.

It is also really impressive how all your work shares this dark magic aesthetic, starting by the very name of your profile.

Your work is very stylish and full of personality. This is getting too long. I'm your fan, that's all.

LOVE!!!!!! :D

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