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also crazy how all the words except the password use the base mysterious lol good job

wow crazy needed help at points but only because some dumb stuff was unclear (aka the "door", I went left first and thought it was some stupid troll trick wall when I went right lol) and also when I was unsure if I was in the wrong place (I assumed "tag" referred to the links thinking they were tags, forgot itch has game tags :) )

anyways actually really cool top notch found this in Icley's game recommendations on his discord

also maybe put a doorknob or some other indicator that doors are doors, maybe have an outward gradient starting at the edges of the door signaling a hole in the bg? I dont know but cool gr8 game would rate 9.5/10 stars but jam over :(

This game was so unsettling yet so good and I love it! It's so cool!!

genuinely the most unsettling video game I've ever played. was not a good idea to play this before bed LMAO

What a weird and amazing game GG

ok this was actually one of the coolest things ive ever played through on itch omg

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The game crashes if I go to the D / left in the windows version

Well, the windows version is not recommended 

just finished and it was amazing!
hello from brazil :D

Great game! I got all the way through to the final portion, and then ended up having to brute force the solution. Not sure if there were supposed to be more clues for the final order of the five words.


i try typing the word tutor but it keeps poping up new tab and cant continue the game T_T looks interesting tho!!!

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you might have accidentally held ctrl down while pressing t


Very cool game! I like it!

There are simply no words how wonderful it is - this is a MASTERPIECE!


I really enjoyed playing this game, it's also a cool concept!


Seems like the imgur album ceased to exist :/ I really like the consept tho, it reminds me of fish

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for all of them 

it says Failed to locate album data

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oh noo, I found the problem, yea it's on my side

at some point I had to set up an imgur mirror but now it stopped working

luckly I don't need it anymore


I really enjoyed this game. it was super creative and I loved the puzzle solving. I dont think I fully finished the game on video (because my internet went off) but I finished it off video. LOVE YOUR WORK BRO. KEEP DOIN YOU!!!

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lol u didnt complete it tho :) hover over the chess pieces under the vid, then go "back in time" by either pressing the clock or refreshing original page :) you will know it's done because will say thx 4 playing


Very unique, pushes a lot of boundaries. Code-cracking people will love it


really fun game i enjoy it alot