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Lots of fun, I just wish it was harder

the best game of this game jam

Very original concept.

Excellent work as always.

You make really awesome jam games! This was really fun. I'd love to see this as a full game.

Great idea. That was fun! I like how the special abilities made the puzzles feel distinct without having to get any more complicated with the blocks.

Cool idea, and the presentation is super nice!

I think I would prefer the gameplay to be more turn-based, I got through just winging it most of the time, rather than trying to be strategic 😅.

That said I really like it, nice work!

Really cool idea! I think the controls are a little weird (at least for me) but with some refinement I could really see this becoming a full game! also as you have it now with the controls might work on mobile? i could see this becoming a really cool puzzler on mobile.

This was a super fun game and an awesome idea! I refuse to believe you fake these games in 48 hours! Loved the concept of the game too! <

Original concept. I like it

This is really fun omg

Really cool game!

Cool game !

the polish is astounding

Cool Game!

Wow, its coolest game, i seen on the jam!

Cool Game! Uw