post jam ver

post ludum dare ver

+ the difficulty curve is now more balanced and overall slightly easier
      (it shouldn't like spike anymore at around J drive, hopefully )

+ ram upgrades are now 33.3333...% more efficient
      (more free ram!!! )

+ there are no longer softlocks with keys and... well... locks!!
      (thanks brandnewdog for pointing this out <3 )

+ trashcan now clears all downloaded files!
      (who needs all those zips anyways? )

+ the player has now 0.25 s invincibility after opening a new folder
      (goodbye insta stuns, enter still semi insta stuns!! )

+ changed most of the bg tracks from mono to stereo
      (sorry sulo, forgot to do that earlier :< )

+ the L letter in the title screen is now one (1) pixel lower
      (phew, hopefully no one noticed that, hopefully... )

thanks everyone ^^
love ya <3

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Apr 22, 2022
windows version 14 MB
Apr 22, 2022

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