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Oh My! What a cozy little treat this was! i just want to give this swell little game a big hug, absolutely adorably charming and definitely one of the most enjoyable games i've played recently!

Absolutely loved this game. It has excellent and engaging writing combined with a good art-style. I also really loved how sweet and relaxing the story was. I hope to see a future sequel.

Loved it! Amazing writing and great characters. Laughed at the commentary when I made coffee. The game filled me with a warm feeling, thanks :)


This game was so cozy. Really captured the feeling of being a cozy potion shop in the woods. Cute story as well. 


I agree on the assessment of coffee as scary


This game is really cute and cozy, I had a lot of fun with it! Perfect for late hours when you aren't quite ready for bed, honestly

Ooooh~ I really dig this! I had so much fun! I wonder if there are multiple endings? I really like the ending I got though. It's really cosy and quiet, just like the potion shop itself! I had a great time, thank you!

This game is marvelous, I love everything about it, the people, the game design, the story, it's so heartwarming and beautiful. I'm so happy to have had this experience. 


Got this as part of a charity bundle and this was WONDERFUL. I would absolutely love a sequel or update to this with more ingredients and more of the sweet soft story of potion witch and the people of the town. It made me feel so warm and nice


i played this game on a whim for my blog - the aesthetic really drew me in, and im glad that i did. it's probably one of my favorite games of the year, it's just so refreshing and comforting and cozy. it feels so good and just kind. i love the art especially, the little witches stirring when you stir potions?? brilliant, what a simple, but stunningly endearing design. love this whole experience.


so i've only played for little under an hour, but i really want to comment now, before i forget, and say that this is genuinely a delightful experience. the gui feels so unique and refreshing, it captures the vibe of the game really well and oh my god? what a vibe that is.

lonely people potion shop is an incredibly unique experience. the gameplay is simple, and very enjoyable. the art and music are a delight, and i personally adore the character sprites. sure, there is a lot of text, but save for some grammatical/spelling errors, it's well-written, and again feels unique.

i'm excited to return to it when time allows, and to check out the other games in the care package.


Very fun idea! I will say that there is a lot of text o scroll through though.


this is such a beautiful game and i loved all of it! got it in the bundle and it was 100% worth it!!


Made another video


Made a video

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this game feels so safe and warm! the music is nice and soft, the pixel art is beautiful (as always <B). I love making the potions and talking to the people and trying to make them happy! thank you for making a such beautiful game!!


This is so lovely!

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you need to charge more for your work! <B edit; even thought i cant pay XD 


I had the pleasure of playtesting this game, so I am clearly biased.

That said, Lonely People Potion Shop is genuinely an amazing, wholesome, creative and atmospheric experience.

It's so lovely and sweet, I almost died of sugar overdose and I mean that in the best way possible!

I got it as a part of the Care Package Bundle to support the amazing Kultisti and the other devs too!

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