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Love this game, it made my day better ♥

cute little game, loved all the sprites! <3


this really needs an autoplay function, and gamepad support

i cant just sit here clicking all day, my wrist hurts


Finally got to this game after having it in my “To Play” list for so long and boy am I glad! I loved VA-11 Hall-A and Coffee Talk so I knew coming in to this I was gonna like it but I wasn’t fully prepared for how charming and lovely this little game is!!! It’s definitely a worthwhile bite-sized experience ♥️


This game I can describe as "A witch gives and gets free therapy with rpg elements thrown in" 10/10 would recommend

I was in the discord server for the care package bundle for a while until this was released and it was a huge part of my life for a while, all of them are chock-full of charm but this is my absolute favorite. I played this game nonstop until it was over and it left me wanting more. I hope you make more games like this in the future, if you do, I'll be one of your best customers. I wish you the best in your future game development adventures. <3

Been going threw my old games I hadn't finished and ran into this tonight. An absolutely lovely game, super cute. Has given me some inspo for a D&D game I've been running <3 absolutely loved it all.

very cozy and comfy, a worthwhile experience :)

I really loved it! You should make more visual novels, Kultisti!

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DOES work on Steam Deck, ONLY if you edit the launch options to "Force the use of a specific Compatability tool" and set it to "Proton: Experimental."

I played this on stream yesterday and we all thought it was super cute!  

it's at 02:26:09 in the video!  <3

Very comfy game, with sweet dialogues and unique creatures <3

This is such a sweet game :3 


People are so creative. Sure, there's a few typos and grammar mistakes, low brightness, music that's a little too soft, and dialogue options you can't select with your arrow keys (you have to click on them), but that doesn't matter a whole lot. They're gripes, but minor ones. It's the art style, the writing, the character names (yes, names), and cozy care + vibe the Lonely People Potion shop oozes (both the game and the location in-game) that make this a very easy sell.


Thank you for this experience. I first didn´t expect such a nice story and I would like to dive deeper in this world about the potion witch, Aleria, Orb, Laura, Miia and all the other travellers who might visit the lonley people potion Shop.  :D  <3


Hi !, I'm a University Student from Arica, Chile (South America). Right now I'm working on my final project, which is, to translate any kind of game, novel, book, video, etc. This is my last year in this program ( you can read it if you want, I'm not a troll or something like that). So, I was wondering if I can translate your game as my final project translation (In Spanish, cause it's my native language). Obviously, because of the nature of my request and my position as a student, I'll do this translation totally free. Let me know if you want to work with me. My e-mail account is Have a good day! (or night, here's 23:00 pm)

Dialogue based and cute as a cat. recommended


This game is absolutely great! I love the calm, enchanting atmosphere the potion shop has - and the creatures are so full of life and character that I really felt like a part of everything going on. The story telling is lovely! I must agree that the amount of clicking to get through dialogue feels like a bit much, but it's important for the pacing of the conversation that occurs, because otherwise it doesn't come off in quite the same way. It's definitely worth the money, especially for a good cause.

I would LOVE a full length game of this concept, a more in-depth potion maker, Continuing to delve into these characters, etc. Thank you for the wonderful game!

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i'm only halfway through the game right now, but i must say it's absolutely adorable! i love the characters so much, i love witch and aleria and all the little characters that come by and the art style and the potion mixing mechanic. super cute 10/10 !!!!!

edit: just got to the second day. i was expecting the game to end on the first day and i got so excited when it said 'day 2' !!!!


Really cute idea, but the amount of text scrolling/clicking and one-word (or simply ellipses or 'hehe') lines became too much for me and I couldn't finish. 

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