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Had me hooked from the first scene. Fantastic game


wow this rules. really impressed how many mechanics you fit into such a compact game. the middle puzzles in particular are super clever, loved solving them

I really loved it. Discorvered it on I found it to be very polished and fun, and I can see it was made with a lot of heart

awesome gameplay, awesome music, awesome art, awesome narrative, awesome game!


Great one, it was a lot of fu. Also great pixel art and artistic  desing and desicions.


Just finished the game. Was a lot of fun; visuals and the soundtrack were perfectly moody! Nice one! :)


god i wish i was a


graphics are awesome. gj!


Fantastic game!!


I thought it was a mini puzzle game, but it surprised me. Great soundtracks and lovely puzzle designs. You used pixels to express a world through a few coloured pixels. That's amazing! This game is excellent, and I love it!!! 

really good game! the music is very well done

and wow the ending

also the secret mode is so hard help

Hi! I loved your game and I was wondering if I could contact you by email to ask a few questions. If you're willing, my email is


How'd I start tearing up over a puzzle game

Also I just realized I played half your games but I didn't know they were all by the same dev and Maskless was one of my first games. Goated


Common Kultisti W


Amazing game! Keep it up!
I don't play games until the end, but this.... WOW that was fun!
In some parts I had to stop and think a bit  :P

hmm what is the code?


The last few level has the code in the walls. If you want to figure out yourself dont read ahead. So the code is mycelium.

doesnt work for me

Great game idea! Love it!


Great job!  I just finished it and enjoyed it. :-) Maybe you could add a button to restart a level instead of pressing Esc?


too slow the vines are slow the animations are slow the movement is slow everything is too slow


spam the arrow keys, you can literally zip around like a maniac

very annoying to play like that interesting puzzle not fun to play

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It's just old school style. It's not annoying to play at all. I think you're not much of a fan of pixel art and old school mechanics, that's all.


This is such a clever puzzle game, I love it. Charming pixel art too!

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Included Juurru as part of a puzzle game compilation @ 1:04:18.

Included the re-entry bug as mentioned earlier, but added a note on-screen to make it clear what was happening and that it's been fixed.


you make unique and lovely and interesting games!


this game is beautiful. typically great kultisti game


i know what the password is but when i type in the last letter of it the word just disappears and nothing happens


Hi there Kultisti. Can you add controller support for this game of yours? I prefer using my Dualshock 4 to keyboard when playing these kinds of games.


The relaxing atmosphere mixed with just a little bit of darkness made for a thrilling game experience.

The puzzle part is not that big for one stage, and as you advance, you start a new stage with new rules, so the sense that you can try new things without the difficulty level getting that high is very pleasurable.

With the story interspersed in between and the development that seemed to run through the game all at once at the end, it was a work that I really enjoyed without getting bored until the end.


Made a video

i really enjoyed this game , and i felt smart played it hehe , the soundtrack and the art  isa treat to the mind.

i made gamplay video

i havent finisehd the game play in this video 

but i promise i finshed in my free time XD . Was fun im glad i played it

it's ok but the ending is too long
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I feel a little silly asking this, but it's driving me nuts--where do I enter the password?? I've figured out what it *is,* but I can't for the life of me figure out where or how I'm supposed to enter it.

Edit: figured it out, you have to beat the game and then wait for the credits to cycle back to the title screen!


This was great. Not too hard, but hard enough that I got stuck on some levels for a few minutes and really had to think.  What was that supposed to be at the end though? The two plants snapped onto each other?

awesome:D i got stuck in a level and i figured it out in the middle of the night so i grabbed my laptop and i got it :DDD


you have sooo many games to choose from:D my favorite at the moment is sulka :D

I love your ability to tell stories with few words. The game's whole atmosphere, just like the way it shifts with the music and colors, made for a beautiful game. Thank you for this!

P.S.: After searching in the comments and finding out the password I got to see the easter-egg. Love when your productions have secrets (like Planetaario!), even though I'm usually not so good at figuring them out. :)

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Can you give me a hint please, I'm stuck

Edit: Oh I already found it. It's the word you see even before starting the game :))

Oops, glad you found it, haha!

I was trying to find some synonyms of "fungus" and see that word lol :))

Bravo! Great graphics, great music, enough puzzling to be interesting without hitting my "oh, I'll come back to this later" threshhold. Once I started I had to finish the whole thing, and I'm glad I did.

It's a great pleasure to play through! Really like the game feel

This game is an absolute delight. I enjoyed every moment of it. 🍄

Really liked this one! Great soundtrack, and I enjoyed the level design. Thanks for the game.

sick game kultisti! I was drawn in initially by the great level design, afterwards in particular stood out as the moment the mechanics were really able to show off their potential. the cool little mushroom thing was just the cherry on top of a great experience! great work as always!

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