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Nice game!

I’ve completed the B-side hitless too!

i like this one


Celeste vibes, really

bro how

My best time is 6:10 idk about you but I think that is pretty good.

This is probably one of the hardest game i have ever played, 9/10

Copy/pasting this from a tweet I made about the game: Short and sweet, with thoughtful hazards, level design and nice, calm music. You even unlock a bit more content after finishing if you want more!

At first the fixed jump height seemed like an issue, but as I played, it seemed to become more of an asset that firs with the game perfectly

Outside of that, everything about the game is fun. The premise, the gimmicks. Everything works well in the game and nothing feels out of place or unfair.

tl:dr Good game :)

i loved

Great game. reminds me of Cataractae

being able to control the height of your jump by holding down the button longer would instantly make this way more fun to play tbh

As challenging as it is simple. I particularly enjoyed the frame, and the way that dead bodies fall over it during a soothing restart process that eliminates most frustration.

aaah this is so fun! i got frustrated a while after the halfway mark, but that just a me problem, haha. the controls are super tight and fun to use, and i really love the respawn animation :D

Fun game, First game in video.

Super cute little game! Had a lot of fun with it, and the extras add a lot ^^


ur games really inspire me as an indie gamedev. I love every piece u made, great job!!

Heck yeaaaaaah!


fun mechanic with the perfect amount of challenge- played til the end and loved it!

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Simple it so so charming and good

Simply GREAT!

Finished it, loads of fun and a nice challenge :]

Very cool game, It would be cool to have a online leadeboard for the speedrun mode :P

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1359: 53: 921 is my time beat that

8:00, beat that lol


i still win

my fps was like 5 so I guess that counts as cheating but I was on school Chromebook so its fine, good game, last few levels took awhile 


Made a video

very nice!

Phenomenal game! The controls feel so good, and concept is so inventive!.

Beautiful game and production, great atmosphere and music. Congratz!


Really fun and chill game only completed the regular levels but gave speedrun mode a go which was fun (time below). The game is challenging at times but that just makes it better. Amazing game as always!


With every Kultisti game, I make it my mission to 100% every one of them. So upon losing all of my sanity I have finished section B and I am officially beautiful <3 Amazing game! I need to go wipe my tears now :)  



Nice game, simple but fun and nicely polished as usual.  The B side was pretty challenging for me!  It might be fun to have a hop count so you could try to get through each level with as few hops as possible.

Yo the game is awesome. But how do I unlock the B-side?

Hop Owl Walkthrough

this was very fun! a bit rage-inducing, but the cute graphics make up for it! lol. i loved the animation! i had a lot of fun just looking at the lil owl too.

Fun game! It’s pretty challenging! I beat the regular levels but only managed to make it through some of the B-side levels. The music is pretty chill! I like the level designs as well! Overall, it was a good time!

Featured on Indie Game Roundup Episode 13 

What a wonderful little game. I'd love to have a counter for amount of jumps / deaths as I played! (for my inner competitive reasons, haha)
Love your work, keep at it.

Impressive game, keep up the good work!