(UPDATE 1.6) Mac-build and new content!

Updates! We got some Updates finally... and stuff

And wait what is this... a "mac buil-


Oh! Now I can wait for the chosen-one while eating apples! Oh misery!


  But no worries! That's not all! We got some other stuff here aswell... and stuff

+ Fixed a bug, where the screen would be a bit too scared after a battle and stay dark for a little too long

+Added a " / " symbol to mark when the text is finished. Now you'll know when to stop spamming the action-key!

+ Fixed another bug, where a Quack would just keep rave-dancing 'till the night.

+ Fixed collision around areas where you could escape the reality (it's bootbird's job to do that)

+ Fixed some typing-errors and other problems with text (there are still hundreds of typos and we are full aware of that aren't we? are we?)

+Nerfed some of the enemies, they were just too mean to you


 The script says that there are also some new con-


+ You can now encounter and fight a fellow named 'Rad Quack', but beware of them moves.

+ You can now encounter and fight a fellow named  'Babble Apple', but beware of the mac-build.

+ You can now encounter and fight a fellow named  'Quack-lings', but beware of the other quack-ling, and the other one aswell!

+ You can now encounter and fight a fellow named  'Boot Quack', but beware of the bootbird! And the mighty Boots! BOOTS!

+ Added some new secrets and interactables, you know, texts and stuff.

 It looks like that's going to be all for a while now... 

  //is it now one who calls themselves /the narrator?

  The script sure ends here atleast for now and stuff... 

  //Alright, determined by /the script of the unknown mind 

  //Soon we will know who the /narrator that once were you truly is, soon we will know...


 > https://discord.gg/psTJuYc < Check out our discord-server to find  out more <3


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Jul 07, 2019
EXISTENVERSE_demobuild_.zip 112 MB
Jul 07, 2019

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