A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Existenverse is in danger!

Devastating danger!

The only one who can help us now is the CHOSEN ONE!

   Unfortunately you aren't the chosen one,

 but just a worthless side-character


   But don't worry! On this DEMO of Existenverse, 

you can take that adventure upon yourself!

   ... (Demo? What are you talking about? 

Is this some kind of a gam-)

   Wait,  This script sure says that it is only a DEMO right now. 

And stuff... Weird... Let me read what is written here...

  Welcome to the DEMO of Existenverse! 

This is just a very very short build of what we are currently working on,

 but feel free to try it out, and give us some feedback!

Also, if you want to chat about the Game or any other stuff, 

and stuff, you should check out our 

DISCORD-server:  (w.i.p.)

   (discord? wait wha-)

   Are you ready for an adventure beyond realities? 

Beyond boundaries? Beyond every other stuff?

Are you going to take this adventure? This Faith?

Welcome, to the world of Existenverse!

(as said, this is only a W-early* demo build of the game)

(playing it will take you around hour + , be prepared!)

(W-Early as in Very Very Early, because the two V:s? Get it? Get it? That's a double G)


This game is currently unavailable

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Amazing! Story, fight system, humor, music, sounds, art, visual effects etc. are fantastic! It reminds me Undertale, but with its own style. It's a very big demo.