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Very nice game, I spend some time playing it, amazing :)

amogus level sus


ayo how come it says it might put my PC at risk

Good game bro.

good game!

Cool concept, took awhile to get the hang of the it. Don't know how, but you made the art style work. Overall really great arcade game feel. Would make for a decent mobile game

Footsteps got me one time quick. Great game though, really liked it


Good gameplay, and a simple concept that really gets you going. Every curse seems to have it's ups and downs. Really good job!

good game my best score is 64. i liked it

footsteps got me 

10/10, lovely game! only thing i wish for is a retail version with more stuff, like more palettes, a hard mode, and maybe a way to add modifiers like all maps move, or falling cant hurt you but curses do double damage.


i rlly love the purpley niceness good food yummyy thank u :)

Very juicy and fun game ! Awesome job!

Really awesome game! Feels great, communicates effectively with the bright pink color of danger, gets really challenging, and is incredibly addictive. Amazing job.

I wish I could jump straight to the curses instead of going through "it begins". This game is just too fun! I need to see everything!!!


very fun!!!! (and cute???) the controls are simple yet feel very nice and fluid to use (makes me feel like an expert gamer when i'm not lmao)

Super super fun! Love the concept n art. Some of the curses totally remind me of Undertale bossfights!


This game is addicting in the same way as tetris is, I find myself constantly getting into a loop of "just one more game" and coming back to it whenever I'm waiting on code to compile. The animations are really smooth and the characters are full of personality. The only issue is after starting over it takes way too long to get to a more challenging stage of the game, but I guess that's how rougelikes are supposed to work? Idk, it's a really fun game I love it

Very interesting and lots of fun. Great job!

Instantly fun and it oozes personality and charm. I think the suggested donation should be at least $5

love that it takes a simple concept and runs wild with it, each playthrough feels different and fresh

Probably my favorite Kultisti game so far, and overall one of my favorite games on Itch.
I'd love to play a more fleshed out, commercial version of Curseball (and I think it'd be great on Switch as well). Even in its current state, this game already delivers more than many paid titles. Everything, from the menu to the carefully implemented gameplay features, screams polish and excellent design.

Another hit by one of the most talented indie devs out there.


Made a video


i like the game fun as always 

What an insanely addictive game.

It scales up its difficulty very smoothly and i am a really big fan of all the different color pallets.

I am absolutely terrible at the game and yet just cant stop playing

Another great game from the master of color pallets! I kinda suck at bullet hells, but it's still super fun to play.

Helllll yeaaaaaaah!


I loved the game, but could it be for Android?

WOW! That's a good game. I like the idea of bullet-hell game where you have to touch a bullet. Visual style is appealing, sound is good, it has potential. Good job, Kultisti!

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Nice idea, but seems quite bugged. I hit the ball multiple times, nothing happens. Then randomly when I hit it again all of the sudden the level is complete, or suddenly I'm game over (even though I clearly hit the ball). Thumbs up for style though.
EDIT: tried it out in Chrome browser running on Windows 10 64-bit.

really good, rather like the slow change kultisti has gone from visual novels and puzzle games to platformer action games. i have no complaints what so ever, this is the best you have done, but pipeskull is still my favorite

reminds me of just shapes and beats and undertale mixed


This is really satisfying to play and I love how despite the variety of obstacles, you can always tell how everything will behave.  The tutorial is also really well done.


That is crazy fast, crazy diverse, crazy love it!


A really, really fun game that I had trouble putting down. Man, am I terrible at it though.

A simple yet amazing game, it's pretty, fun and challenging at the same time, the kind of gem i wanna play everyday. Thanks <3


Needs more content


Need to respect Dev first.


respect my wills


Awesome game, I had a lot of fun! Your game design style is really different from mine and I feel like I learn A LOT when I play your games. Great work as always! Cheers!


Surprisingly deep!

It really looks like you built a lot of architecture that could make for some sweet party games. '.'

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