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nice art style, love the game

great game

i loved the game, very cute, simple and funny.

just this, thanks

the buttons don't work

really fun game

dis shit fun

Really fun arcade game. Great aesthetic too.

Really cool game, the music is fire, I'm especially fond of the cat world

INCREIBLE, es muy creativo, espero sigas añadiendo otros modos juegos, del mismo modo otros personajes (personalmente quisiera ver un dragon)

Really delightful, clever and well-made. Nice work! 

this game is so fun! i love the concept

the art and the gameplay feel really good to play and see, rly tight gameplay, keep it the up 👍

364 score

holy shit this soundtrack is amazing!!!

KARALHOU esse jogo eh mt bom, pqp, parabens para quem desenvolveu 

this is really fun to play! i really like the graphics, and the characters are really charming!

for some reason it won't load for me.

idk why, but it worked for my friend and I really want to play thi

everyone talking about how good the game is. Yeah, it's amazing. But DANG that music slaps.

High Score: 548


as an touhou player, i can tell this game is gud 

keep it up Kultisti i'll wait another game from you 


this is a lot of fun i'll! definitely be playing more of this :)

everything about it is super solid and super satisfying

hard game for me


love it <3 adorable and fun




very cool, not really my type of game but it looks really well done and its pretty fun to play


Wow! What an interesting game!

I like it so much!

It's hard too. :)



i was not prepared for this shit

Good game. I like.


Fun game with a really unique mechanic :)


Really creative game! Which engine did you use?


Great game!


Great bullet hell game!!

its not a bullet hell game?

i dont think?

Don't bullet hell games usually consists of dodging a ton of projectiles in your game? I don't play much of those games but that's what I think

I think you’re right nvm.


hilarious and involving game, I really love color change option


Awesome works!


+1 for amen break, gameplay is simple and fun.

(1 edit) (+1)

Very tricky and very nice! Loved it!



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