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huh i wonder why the down key doesnt do anything


well gosh now i want to be your friend suddenly

radiation emotions ig

amazing game

also you can clip through two diagonally adjacent blocks if you are in the corner and are trapped by one of those toggle blocks, it can be used to glitch to the piece on the fourth piece of the second puzzle

bunitin legal

Absolutely loved this game. Very wholesome and beautifully designed.

awesome game! I love the ide


In Umm.., I found a glitch where if you put yourself in the corner you can phaze yourself right into the picse

That was a nice game. :D

it took me a while, but i made it ;)

every game you make is amazing

It's an incredible game, some stages can be difficult, but it's an amazing experience.

great game!

What a wonderful puzzle game!

Oh wow, a really fun and colorful game! Definitely loved messing around with switching between the main character and the reality bending string. If this ever gets expanded upon, I'd love to play it!


wow...really good. I really liked the game's concept and mechanics


Kultisti does it (once) again!

Amazing! :D

well done, but lacked originality


cute little game with cool mechanics


Perfect length. Definition of short and sweet, really enjoyed my time with this. The ending was heart warming, the gameplay is very good.


Youre beautiful


It's a cute little game. I like it.



nice game


Nice puzzle platformer! It is featured in my Top 5 for this Week!

Take a look!


Very fun to play! Had nice mechanics and loved the levels. :) 

this game is so cute and i love it

vurry nice game, its a bit challenging which i think is purrfect


one of the best games ever! (from the ones that i have played)  :D


Love it!

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Great game! I really loved playing it, and I found the sound design quite good.




Awwwe really cute game and mechanics




Splendidly clever level design :D I wish there were more to come!




Easy but very entertaining to play little puzles


omg I raged so many times

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